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January 28, 2010


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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*zaps in from tax hell*

It has to be asked: Did he choke it?

Carry on

*zaps out*

"Next stop....Bellevue!"

Trekkies know that this sort of maneuver requires engaging one's cloaca-ing device.

"He kept picking up the chicken, holding it over his head, kissing it, hugging it, and [doing] more inappropriate things that I will refrain from detailing,"

Did he call it George??

"As straphangers looked on in awe..."

As straphangers often do.

Oh, and CLEARLY we know what Siouxie was Googling when she found this.


Yes, Dave, there IS something wrong with that.

Did it smell like chicken?

Poultry in motion!

People are so judgmental. Or just mental.

Hey I guess Rick Santorum was right.

I'll leave it to mtb to call it a hen-ous crime.

That kind of thing should never take place on the #6; they belong on the A train.

Another pervert chicken licker. Of course, he may have had the chicken and the liquor.

This is exactly why I don't live in New York.

Only in NY?

I don't think so ... I once saw a band named Chicken-Lickers open a show for Mac Davis ...

Chicken Licker & The Straphangers

I like the sound of that.

No fowl language though. They didn't hear a peep from the chicken.

Don't know why they took the subway. Should have been on the gravy train.

*And Snork!@me bonmot*

Holding the chicken above his chest, the weirdo repeatedly spun around the floor, hugging and embracing the feathered creature as if he was out of his mind.

As if? As IF? You mean there's a question there?

Now granted, we New Yorkers know how to avert our eyes or zone out when this sort of thing happens, but I don't think there's any doubt this guy is a few slices short of a loaf.

How 'bout them chicken lickers,
Ain't they a hoot?
Lickin' them chickens
and grinnin' to boot!
- apologies to Mason Williams and "Them Poems"

♬ Chicken on the ground, chicken on the ground. Lookin' like a fool with your chicken on the ground...♭

Why did it take so long to get back to the comments?

Anyway, loved some of the youtube commentary, including quoting Ernie Anastos(NY tv newscaster) and his "keep f#Cking that chicken!" line, plus something about the guy really loving his cock.

I thought Col. Sanders died.

NOW it works!

Jeff?? did you break the blog again?? ;P

*SMACKS jeffy for breaking the blog, especially when Siouxie finally got posted*

Now that's a pullet surprise.

Must be a laying hen.

the blog choked

WHy blame me? General principles?

Chicken chokers!

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