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January 26, 2010


Some Mouse Sperm Can Identify, and Even Cooperate With, Its Brethren

(Thanks to Bruce Kizer)


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"Last one in is a ...um"

Some mouse sperm can discriminate between its brethren and competing sperm from other males, clustering with its closest relatives to swim faster in the race to the egg.

I guess Minnie really puts it around...NTTAWWT.

Promiscuous Mice WBAGNFARB.

I wonder if they feel guilty about that?

Oddly, my mouse wouldn't work properly when I tried to navigate that page....

I've always said that the problem with this world is not enough discriminating sperm.

"...more than 95 percent of mammals are promiscuous...."

And the other 5 percent live in Mom's basement.

How do they get the samples?

Tiny little Happy Endings?!

Mickey, on the stand at his divorce trial: "I never said Minnie was crazy; I said she was f*cking Goofy!"

Some mice are such trollops . . .

*snork* at bonmot

If they're co-operating, they're doing better than the Vikings players and their coaching staff.

Sperm has "brethren"?

like a "Wing sperm" ? Awesome!

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