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January 29, 2010


"Strict" does not begin to describe it.

(Thanks to Jenny Kellner)


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I know. I sent that too and thought WTFBBQ?!

But I do prefer this from the ananova version:

Mr King believes the case is snot one that should be pursued: "A £60 fine and three penalty points is not a punishment to be sneezed at. If this really is a case of nose blowing at the wheel then the police should take this case, catch it, bin it, kill it.”

heh... he said clogged...

Constable Gray is a near relation of Barney Fife, I'm guessing.

Constable Gray sounds like a number of new health inspectors we used to get, including myself at one time, who think they're John Wayne; i.e., going to clean up the county.
They are PR disasters. The intelligent ones quickly change more to a teacher and advisor and less of a wild west sheriff.
He should have blown his nose on the constable and made the fine worthwhile.

Aye, but the mockin' was puir.

Good line from Tom Robbins:

"My love was like a Bolivian fruit market, but her heart was like a Swiss health inspector."

Thank goodness he didn't sneeze. He would have gotten the death penalty! Wonder what they are going to use as evidence?

'snot fair

Poor Mr. Mancini must be wondering why he got picked on.

Meanie..he's probably thinking "Oh booger bugger!"

Know your British history:

English: wankers.
Scottish: colonized by wankers.

From this totally awesome British movie.

Picky, picky, picky.

(Constable Stuart "Officious Jackass" Gray) previously made headlines last year when he issued an $80 littering ticket to a man who accidentally dropped a 10-pound ($16) note in the street.

Fixed it for them. Editors these days...

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