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January 29, 2010


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I can't believe they didn't mention whether alcohol was involved.

I'm guessing yes.

I have images of Miss Piggy saying "HI YAH!" running through my head.

If he would have been wearing a red shirt, he would be dead (Jim).

Note to self: Don't try to fight inanimate objects that outweigh by 40 tons.
Not irresistible enough.

You should step into the movement, using your body weight in addition to your muscles. Follow-through is also important. Start small and move up. Maybe a Prius first...

This also answers the question about what happens when an irresistible force meets a small, squishy mammal.

His Sensei had told him to go train.

Apparently, the culprit failed to mind the gap.

maybe he was so nearsighted, he... or not. maybe he were a little medicated.

Idiot, you're supposed to kick gigantic, non-sentient objects, not karate-chop them.


If he was wearing those big, Chinese coke-bottle glasses, he could have mistaken the train for Rosie O'Donnell.

I know I do.

Maybe he thought his chicken was on it?

It would have worked on an Amtrak train.


♬ Everybody was Kung Fu fighting...♫ SPLAT!!!

[Walking through the Queensland station, Daniel and Miyagi find a poster advertising Sato's karate school. The poster shows Sato breaking a train with his bare hands]
Daniel: You think you could break a train like that?
Miyagi: Don't know. Never been attacked by a train.

Pleased to see we're not making fun of the reporter's name: Kristin Shorten

Chuck Norris could have stopped it. Or he could have just stared menacingly at the train and made it come back to pick him up.

I was reading an article lately about someone who crashed his car into a police car. Bright!

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