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January 05, 2010


(Thanks to Leslie Dyer)


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I'm betting it's probably the ones that are breastfeeding.


It's what they call a vacuum cleaner across the pond.

It's also a verb: "I need to Hoover the carpet."

I'm guessing Dave's first word was "booger" ...

Can you imagine trying to learn to talk with a british accent? That has to be hard.

My son's first words were "Ed Balls".

I'm told my first words were "Serenity Now!"

I was an odd child....

My daughter's first words were 'Dikembe Motombo' and 'igloo', at three months.
Because that's the kind of sense of humor her mother has.

One of my first words was "fruck"... My attempt at "truck."

Needless to say this occasionally caused some parental squirming when guests were in the house.

My nearly two-year old daughter is at the stage where she is learning the names of all kinds of things.

The vacuum cleaner is simply "noise".

I'm not surprised. He was a very popular President (of the United States).

"Hoover" is about the only thing THIS young lady didn't say.

Hoover? I barely knew 'er!

Funny. My girls' first words were "WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

That's right Dave's first word must of been "Booger" or "Toilet". Hoover must be the all American vacuum.

Theresa, no, that honor belongs to Paris Hilton's skull.

"No-no, BAD word," "Roll me over" and "Book book book hmmm" were the first at our house, spoken by those who are now, in the same order, an English teacher, a warehousing specialist, and a librarian. Must be something to it.

I think 'Hoover' is a perfectly fine first word. At least in our household.

"hoover's daddy"?

My daughter's first word was, for some reason, "bellybutton". Her son is now three years old. I don't know what his first was, but his favorite is now, "Poop!"
Half of the grandparents are trying to stop this and the other half are still laughing hysterically.

Hoover? That sucks.

Perhaps it is my faulty reading skills but I couldn't find any reference to beer in the story. Maybe I should have a couple and re-read the "article"?

They never even mentioned " Aggiebugbug " .

dadda beats mamma?? was this article about domestic violence???
we havent turned our vacuums into verbs here in the new world. be funny if said, yeah, gotta eureka that rug...

Here ya go, SSEd, "It was found that the most common first phrase for children of pint drinkers was "beer me".

Hoover? Dam!

MTB -- that one was blogged a while ago -- I was thinking about it myself, it is too funny.

Who Ver? Who didn't!

my daughter's first word was "shampoo" - she was a very clean baby

"Jean Gross, England's first Communications Champion.."

Who did she beat in the play-offs?

Goethe-reincarnated's first words were, "Mehr Licht."

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