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January 24, 2010


In response to this column, The Blog received an email which said, in its entirety:

Here comes YOUR baby, idiot.   You're is for you are, as in YOU ARE STUPID!


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Yore kidding!
How about you share his (must be a guy) email address so we can set him strayed (or strait - whatever)?

Apparently Dave touched a nerve with morron, which we all know is correctly spelt moran.

Nowadays, U R is the correct spelling.

This guy thinks he's finally found a person stupidder than him.

Ohhh, thank you Judi!! I'm struggling with a sick mom (not struggling, as in wrestling, but struggling, as in that's what we say about everything these days when "having issues" doesn't apply.) Reading that e-mail caused me to read the column again, LMAO, read it to my husband, who edits the eidtor's edits of student tests, and watch him LHAO..

Better than drugs. Although both are really great.

I thought it was "urine," as in "urine idiot."

Editor.... I guess I need a new one.

The correct usage of yore. You idjut.

A homeless guy came up to me on the street, said he hadn't eaten in four days. I told him, "Man, I wish I had yore willpower."


This is probably related to the subtle difference between "Y'all", and "All Y'all".

Any chance she made a mistake and sent it to you rather than Tiger Woods??

This morron moron must be the same one who inspired Gene Weingarten's column.

Whut makes me nervous about letters such as that one is the idea that the person may actually have reproduced prior to earning a Darwin Award ... it goes without saying that this person has voted ... after all, he's (not "hese") smarter than all the other voters ...

Take it from a professional people observer -- they ALWAYS reproduce before winning the Great Darwin...

Seen "Idiocracy" lately?

(It is also why I am still in business)

Ewe're my hearo, Mr. Email Grammar Watchdog! Ewe sore write threw that sew-called "hughmor" and stood up four proper grandma. Key pup the good work!

I thought it was maroon.

idiocracy - great flim, but actually scary. really. if it were to happen. yikes. yore not kiddin. well, i'm not.

To the fellow that wrote the nasty email to Mr. Barry:
Dear Sir,
You're an idiot. NTTAWWT except in your case where evidently you were out looking at shiny things when God gave out the sense of humor. May your days of yore be everything you've deserved and the future be everything that you're afraid it will be. Did I get it correct enough for you idiot?
p.s. If you see a gang of people following you with clubs, run! It is this blog wanting to *SMACK* you on your (not you're or yore) head.

Geez, Sarah, "Moose MILF" Palin will be looking for a running mate. Do ya 'spose??????

>Whut makes me nervous about letters such as that one is the idea that the person may actually have reproduced prior to earning a Darwin Award.

What makes me nervous is the idea that they vote.

I thought it was maroon.

Posted by: Jeff Meyerson | January 24, 2010 at 04:48 PM

It was if you were educated by Bugs Bunny, like I was.

it is Maroon - in BB's world - but its also moran, for those sign carrying whatever they are. for sheer stupids, check out craig's list at random. or go to www.yousuckatcraigslist.com ... hilarious!

Did this email arrive just recently? I mean, did it take this guy 11 years to respond?

I admit, I may have been a little drunk when I sent that in.

(*snork*@Tiffi, 4:06!)

There is, nearly, any great washing for now. Inasmuch forty or so can ever have. It's a lesson, but not your baby idiot. The stupid shines as the worm pledges his undying loyalty. If not, who could?

Gibberish for gibberish's sake. My specialty.

I aye eye.

An astute reader. Correct pronunciation: "ass-toot".

He couldn't figure out to turn on the computer, Lairbo.


EHI, Excessive Humor Impairment: the number one health risk facing Americans today.

Perhaps we could do a telethon or something...?

Ewe think yew're (not yore) so smart. To that I say, "Oh, Huh!"

... an' he goes, "Like, Duh, Dude!"

The phrase "Hang on, Marlene, here comes you're baby!" should be "your" as in "It's all yours 'cause I'm going to the strip club for a while."

Vikings lost, I don't have to hear about Favre again until next fall! Woo hoo!

Sorry, in my zest I forgot the "off-topic" disclaimer.

It takes Juan to know Juan.

and if you've seen Juan, you've seen Jamal. Since they're twins.

Maybe the Miami Herald should put"Humor Column" in big blue letters right under the title of each column. That might help.

What gets me is that if the writer really didn't realize that this was supposed to be funny, how did he manage to miss all of the earlier mistakes?

Dave, sorry to see such an e-mail but yes, where did this persons humor go? Sad! Life is too short without having humor.

Now people, be nice. Being humor challenged is a tragic way to live ones life.

The scary part is that the guy's response was actually from the original publication of the column in '99. Took him that long to work a really withering retort.
And while on the subject of someone who needs to crank out some fresh columns...

It's a good thing this guy was rotated off the Pulitzer committee before Dave's work was up for consideration.*

*Precautionary Sarcasm Alert - not that I am suggesting that it is called for on anyone's part, mind you.

whn ur rite ur rite, mr

i don't want to touch anyone's sensibility, but why do you assume the person is a guy? when we reach such levels, differences are minimal and it could be a "she" as well. plus, she knows about having a baby.

Its monday, sew bee their, oar.....

Ewe reefering to Twenty-For, tf8?

Alberto is right. It seems to me, now that I look back at the email content, that she might have been in childbirth while writing that.

Exqueeze me??? weight a minuto hear, albertoe!! I take hombrege at that remarq!

This sounds like someone whose biggest thrill in life would have been getting that Lifetime Bathroom Pass.

Either that or Barry Manilow/Busta Rhymes is really ticked that the cover's been blown.

I wish you people would stop picking on Noam Chomsky, the writer of that email, like this.

I'd rather be dead than have no sense of humor... Like "Arthur," "Sometimes I just think funny things."

Obviously the plainant did not read the last line of the article:


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