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January 28, 2010


Rattling dog had eaten 14 golf balls

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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those whacky labs!

"No, no, no.....kill the GOPHER!"

That's what I call a handicap.


They were obviously not able to play through the back nine.

Announcer Sam: Well, Bill, it looks like his ball is in the roughage.

Announcer Bill: Yes, Sam, he's gonna need all the guts he's got to make par this one.

"He finds golf balls like truffles."

Great line.

Of course, Rattling Dog WBAGNFARB.

the middle school i went to was adjacent to a golf course. at lunch we would hide in the trees along the fairway of this par four where the 'landing area' for the tee shot was obscured from view by a little hill. when a ball landed near where we sat, we would either run out on the fairway and stomp on it (the ball) or (i thought this was more fun) throw it further down the fairway. then we would hide and listen to the reactions.

I think I see my ball in there....a Titleist #2?

Morrison: Ready to tee off, Bob?
Bob: Sure, let's go!
Morrison: Great. Just let me deal with Oscar for a second here.... OK, Oscar, don't stray too far, boy! *Wink*
Oscar: Woof!! {runs off}


Bob: Whew. Dang it, Morrison, another three-stroke win. What's your secret?
Morrison: Aw, nothing special, Bob. Just a fire in the belly. C'mon, Oscar, let's go home.
Oscar: Woof! Woof!! [Rattle]

Oddly, the story now says 13. Or maybe not so oddly, given that we are talking golf, where numbers have a way of getting mysteriously smaller.

The Rattling Dog wbagnfa bar, also.

Oscar needs to stay away from my balls! Golf or otherwise.

Was it a Jack Nicklaus terrier?

Reminds me of my ex-wife's meatballs.

Nike. Just do $*it.

... "decomposing" ... WTD?

I thot stuff had to be organic to decompose ... "digested" I could understand, but this "reporter" seems to have mistaken one worng word the proper one ...

Whutever ... typical of modern journalism ... or old-time journalism, for that matter ... say/write whut y'all want to, and criticize anyone who mentions it (T!ME magazine is an excellent example of this process ... )

There is a famously expensive coffee made by a similar method. Maybe someone should try brewing them.

OK now, I know golf courses are looking for 'environmentally friendly' ball cleaners, but this is just going too far.

Maybe this is a design problem. You shouldn't be able to swallow anything that is too big to poop.

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