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January 28, 2010


PALM HARBOR — By pedal boat and bicycle, a fleeing burglar clad only in boxer shorts couldn't get away quite fast enough, authorities say.

(Thanks to Ralph and silverstone)


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"It's hard to get away with your pants on the ground,
Your pants on the ground, your pants on the ground"

*snork* BFF!

Boxers are burglary casual in Florida.
Lol @ Punkin.

He was a "transient"? Well, not very, apparently.....

On a positive note, he has a very low carbon footprint for a criminal.

i get a little bored with the "stupid criminal" stories sometimes - there are just so many - but every so often it occurs to me to compare the "bad day" that i'm having with the one this asshat just had... i mean that's like a bad dream, right? trying to flee the cops in a peddle boat in your underwear? what happened next? did santa claus show up and start reviewing his quiz scores from 5th grade? i mean that is so random omg lol bbq fail.

As Siouxie forgot to say...Brilliant!

And ... "the boat appeared to be taking on water", Mud.

I guess it all started when he forgot his locker combination.

There was one guy who tried to use his scuba gear to hide at the local town pool. Wisely, the police decided to wait until the underwater specialists arrived before pursuing him. When the underwater specialists got there, they just waited on the side in case the perp had trouble.

"He only has so much air," the officers said as they caught some sun while waiting.

Wasn't this caper in a Carl Hiaasen book?

Using a helicopter to chase a pedal boat is asymmetric warfare. Were the cops trying to justify their aviation budget?

All they had to do was call the U.S. Navy and report a case of piracy. A few missiles would have been sufficient.

I think a lot of these guys are trying a strategy of "Get the cops laughing so hard they can't chase us."

Don't believe I've ever seen it work...

A criminal masteRRmind on a boat, eh?

Arrrr1rh, matey!

Naw,,,that was his triathalon outfit.

Sounds like a Benny Hill sketch.

Worst. Pirate. Ever.

I love the stupid criminal stories. They're funny.

Was he a registered pedalphile?

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