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January 14, 2010


Men more evolved?

(Thanks to jon harris, who cites as additional evidence "our ability to belch the alphabet")


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And, eventually, we will become our own GPS's.

"There are a couple of reasons Page and Hughes cite for Y being such an evolutionary powerhouse. One is that it stands alone and isn't part of a pair like 44 other chromosomes. So when there are mutations there's no matching chromosome to recombine and essentially cover up the change, Hughes said. Because women have two X chromosomes, the X chromosome doesn't have this situation."

Which explains why women can never admit when they're wrong.

I will NOT be impressed with my evolution until I can shoot laser beams out of my eyes. Underwater.

How else can you explain metro-sexuals?

padraig, at my age, I'd settle for walking around erect...

fivver, didn't you do that in junior high school?

Men can also write their names in the snow when they pee.

Ok, women can, too, but it involves a lot of running.

Hammond I knew a woman who had no problem. Her name was Dot.

Hmmm. No comments from the ladies yet? Worrisome.

Wv - we're all too busy laughing our asses off!!

I'm just happy the ridiculous male extinction within the next odd thousand years theory has finally died. Think about it. Men have been around for at least that time already. Male hominids for a couple million, and the y chromosome probably is older than the dinosaurs.
Wouldn't it seem a little improbable that it would suddenly disappear now?

This may also explain why the number of buttons on TV remotes increases by 30% every year.

It just goes to show that Charlton Heston was right. We're clearly evolving INTO apes, and that Y chromosome has a massive amount of catching up to do.

Ooo, look! Bananas!

Souxie, I was just worried machetes were being sharpened so as to facilitate the immediate elimination of all Y chromosomes.

Ozzie Osborne, Carrot Top, Vince the Sham Wow guy, Pee Wee Herman, no wonder that Y chromosome is working overtime to evolve. Personally I think it should work faster.

Mmmmnnnnope - still don't get that infield fly rule. Not even Science! can explain it.

All blog guys: "Ha, told you so."
All blog gals: "Ha, fat chance."

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