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January 26, 2010



(Thanks to Brian Duval)


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The new weinermobile?

What tie do you wear with a personal flying suit? The same one you wear with a personal injury suit?

Is gift warp wrap avaiable?

"Puffin" is a bit of a wimpy name. It needs to be mas macho, like, the "Puffinator."

It would sell much better with more cupholders.

It would make a great replacement for that old golf cart.

The new cruzn cooler? Where's the beer go?


Happy Birthday to Bonmot!

sorry - am i the only one who had a flashback to the early sixties when we were often treated to "visions of the future" with flying cars and wristwatch communicators and meals in a pill?

really? electric power? where's the battery? at 300 lbs, won't a gust of wind like, throw you into a building or something? this is no more newsworthy than the ubiquitous sci-fi chick with big hooters in a black leather bikini holding a ray gun and a klingon sword.

Mothers' Day is coming, too.

We'd like it in pink.

WITH the sexy driver.

♬ Oh no no no I'm a rocket man
Rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone...♫

So, either we get to char our asses off with jet packs or lop off our noses with this thing...

I've always thought that, given how well most people drive a regular car, personal flying craft for everyday use was a pretty bad idea.

Where are the hardpoints for munitions? No missiles or miniguns? How am I supposed to strafe the neighbors? With a bb gun?

Oh. Umm, err, nice plane...

My first thought was that holding my head at that angle would be a killer.
I've flown aircraft before and I can see several disadvantages to that concept. Better go pee before you strap in. If not before, then you will during.

So a boffin designed a puffin? Inevitable I suppose.

(MAJOR geezer alert)

Obviously this boffin was warped by the Skyjet book in his youth same as me. Difference is, he's doing something about it. Kudos to him for spending his second childhood productively.

BTW, did I mention, or do I even have to mention, that I really desperately want one of these? Even if I only get to use it as a coffin, which it rather appropriately resembles. Boffin puffin coffin?

I've decided I'm going to paint my puffin to look like Superman and hang a big red cape on the back.

When did NASA merge with ACME?

Were all the manly bird names already taken?

Excellent! Can we text while flying it?...

cg, the lady puffins don't make baby puffins all by themselves...

Look! Up in the sky!
It's a bird!
It's a plane!
It's ..... Dad?

OH yeah..Happy Bday, bonmot!!

to insanity and beyond!!!

mudstuffin wants this t-shirt.

They should have named it Otto Pilot.
Happy birthday bonmot!

It needs at least potato cannon, if not a machine gun and missiles.

Considering the size of this device, the perfect name would be "Pocket Rocket".

Looks like a BOB on steroids.

Thanks for the birthday wishes, y'all!

It'll flop. If you can't talk on a cell phone and run people down while flying it, women will never buy it.

I am so bummed nobody's geezering out to my "Skyjets" reference.

For you youngsters, "Skyjets" was a kids' book from the 50's/60's where two kids get a big package in the mail from their grandparents. The package contains Skyjet kits, basically jet plane suits. The kids put them on and without the benefit of lessons, safety equipment, or navigational devices, immediately jet over to their grandparents, where Grandma has a hot apple pie waiting for them.

Deep down I knew it was fiction, but that didn't stop me from checking it out of our library about four times a summer.

SOMEbody else has to remember that one...

Sorry, pad. I was butt a wee babe in the 60's. I don't think they had those in Cuba, no?? ;-P

Didn't one of the Girls Next Door call Hugh Hephner "Puffin"?

(Not that I ever watched.)

I want one.

Sorry, pad' ... I wuz too old about that time ... had my first car (with all that implies) and other "interests" ...

(mud' ... um ... "chick with big hooters in a black leather bikini" ... um ... is that standard equipment? Heck, if it's optional, I'll still take it!) (Merely for purposes of scientific research & study, of course.)

Happy birthday, bonmot! Are you wearing your birthday suite?


Yes, Annie. I look EXACTLY like the guy in the upper right-hand corner.

Butt maybe not. (sigh)

Personal high speed condom for the d**k in your life.

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