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January 25, 2010


Here's the perfect "look" for that big job interview:Ss-100122-sao-paulo-fashion-06.ss_full

There are many other fine fashion creations to be seen at the link.

(Thanks to Annette)


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Those shoes with that kilt? Seriously?

Only if that "big job" is for male model willing to dress up like a moron.

I think some of the interns came dressed like that a couple of years ago. Last year, not so much.

I was wondering what James Carville was up to.

Looks like somebody kilt this guy...

It does have a slimming effect.

How to make a kilt not look sexy.

I think the best part is where some of that crap is described as "breathtaking" or "edgy". It is like realtor's code where "charming" means "active colonies of rats live here".

Ahah! Costumes for Carnaval, no?

"Oh you should see my Barry, he's a runway model, you know. And, oh my, he is so handsome, don't you know."

They definitely looked stunned. Stunning, I'm not sure of.
Shocked, maybe?
Somebody has been smoking way too much of the good stuff.

That almost, but not quite, ruins kilts for me.

Isn't that Judi's new assistant?

He swore he was Craig Kilborn's younger cousin...

Fivver: excellent.

...That ensemble is so dark even Goths would be repulsed.

Are these people - the designers AND the models - paid in drugs, or what?

Yeah, "edgy". As in, slit throats.

The furniture ensemble was a gag in a Three Stooges episode once. I am not making this up.


I think the designers were taking drugs *while* they came up with this stuff.

Great blog!

The hardest part of being a designer has to be keeping a straight face until the check clears.

Lay off, folks, Skeletor's had a hard time finding work since He-Man was canceled...

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