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January 26, 2010


(Thanks to Bruce Webster)


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Evidently this study included no Catholics.

I for one am shocked, shocked.

Well, maybe not so much.

*Wrings hands*

We don't feel any less guilt, we just don't do fake guilt as convincingly.

And most of the time we do fake guilt it's so we get the desired reaction to our sad puppy dog faces.

Now that's something you should feel guilty about, Meanie.

I feel guilty that I didn't read the entire thing.

Who at all the Cheez-Its ?!

My conscience is clear and I sleep like a baby. I ENJOY being a sociopath.



I can't golf like Tiger, either.

I never apologize. I'm sorry but just I don't.
Homer Simpson

Oops! Sorry!

Oooh, shiny!

Not guilty.

Wait a minute! Last night's episode of House proves this wrong! I remember him slipping the cheque through the mailbox slot...

/Yeah, I was waiting for the Bauer hour, too.

/And sometimes I feel guilty about not feeling guilty. And when I don't, I feel guilty about that. Sometimes.

bon, a few of us wished you a happy birthday on the weinerplane thread.

Remember, in our (male-designed) legal system, "not guilty" doesn't mean you didn't do it -- it means you didn't get completely caught.

Happy b-day bon, have a "Get Out of Jail Free" card on me.

Oh God, what have you done?

Thanks again, y'all!

My wife and I went out for seafood. She had an Australian (or maybe South African?) rock lobster tail, which was the best lobster I'd ever tasted, and I gorged on stone crab claws. The Puligny Montrachet also was excellent.

Fortunately, I'm not feeling at all guilty about not finishing that article.

Guys this
lady can help you with your guilt,or lack thereof, issues. Meanie you're first.

Happy Birthday bonmot!

Cindy - I don't think she's a *lady*.

*winces on Meanie's behalf*

Happy happy joy joy, Bon !! Sounds like you had an excellent birthday dinner with your current wife !

I was wondering why my behalf was looking like it had been winced on....


(And Happy B-Day, M. Bonmot)

Yeah, I'm all broken up about it, honey. C'mon to bed, huh?

cindy, you shouldn't put Siouxie's picture up without her permission.

And thanks again for the birthday wishes!

Davis Empathetic Concern Scale, and a questionnaire on Interpersonal Guilt

I'm sorry...Who cares?

While you were feeling guilty.

Hey, my link didn't turn blue.


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