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January 31, 2010


The Chinese have created the world's largest bottle of wine.

(Thanks to many people)


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I don't think that would fit into my wine rack.

Brilliant (sorry, Siouxie) of Dave to save this until an appropriate (RIp Torn) reference could be made.

That's why he makes the big bucks and we don't.

Bravo, sir.

And Siouxie's going to need a much bigger fridge.

And now with new increased levels of lead and candium for your drinking enjoyment!


Serve with this.

That bottle is making me thristy too, Siouxie.

I had a recipe for some Chinese meal that called for a cup of Chinese wine. It added, if you don't have Chinese wine, bourbon makes a good substitute.

Got my wine glass ready.

...and France surrendered in anguish.

They must be planning to launch one humungously big ship.

Don't bogart that bottle, Siouxie!

Quite possibly the funniest blog headline ever: Don't Tell Rip Torn.

When the wine you espouse
Is as big as a house
That's a Merlot....

And you want another bottle an hour later.

Foster Brooks bought those by the case.

This conversation happened in India. It took place in an Indian language between the people in the room and in English between the persons on the phone. (I have changed the names to lessen the complexity)
Mark calls out, “John, phone for you.”
“Is if for me or for John Black?” asks John.
Mark, to the person on the phone, “What is your name?”
“My name is Peter.”
“No, no. Not your ‘What is your name’. I want the ‘What is your name’ over here.”

I'm sorry, I meant to post this comment for the English Language article. Blame it on technical unsavitty.

Sizes of wine bottles:

Double Magnum
Big-Ass Chinese

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