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January 29, 2010


City of Excitement


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No I didn't send this (waves at Siouxie) but I did send a more visual reminder of the day.

And I celebrated at home.

"Next month's fundraiser is called "Small Businesses have Big HeFarts"...

featuring Jessica Simpson

Dave misspelled City of Excrement.

Talk like a Crapper Day.

Crapper Day comes only once a year? Perhaps Metamucil would help.

who says upstate new york is boring!!

I thought Corning was a verb.

And let's not forget the contribution to civilization of that great inventor Joy Roll.

Crapper invented the floating ballcock, which is vaguely disturbing, and probably illegal in some states.

Visit the famous Corning Assworks.

*snork* @ punkin.

Well, that's a load off my...mind.

But what to ware?

I think his real name was John, short for Jon. Anyway I want to know who invented the P trap. Whoever that guy was deserves to be in the hall of heroes. He saved uncounted trips to the outhouse in inclement and savage, perhaps dark, conditions. He brought it all inside where no one can sneak up and tip you over or throw a brick on the roof.

His ass was glass.

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