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January 29, 2010


(Thanks to John Gregg)


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LOVE IT! *snork*

*adds mildly witty comment, bracketed with asterisks to indicate action instead of statement*

*fails two preview before posting*

*expresses appreciation for the hialrity of MtB's witticism by unattractively discharging beverage nasally*

*concocts reason to link to dreaded pop singer*

I have to agree with the "vox pops" nonsense. I find most local news and almost all national news to be unwatchable, as they have an unshakeable need to stick a mike in front of dolts, for their insight.

You know what? If I want your opinion, I'll beat it out of you. Otherwise, the vox pops stuff is more meaningful when done by Jay Leno.

Now they're going to have to find someone to do some light housekeeping.

F@rking brilliant!

Or as the Brits say, spot on.

Unverifiable and quite possibly fictional complaint about submitting this item earlier.

well, this sort of thing is what you would expect from the illuminati-controlled freemason-loving, vaccine-guzzling, rupert murdoch owned, mainstream and/or f*x news media!
after all, 90% of all news is a function of the fourth law of thermodynamics!
wake up people to the good news/astrological nostradamicisms/dire apocalyptic prophecies, that the world will end in 2012/ is due to be smacked upside the hemisphere by a killer asteroid/ ended in 1918 due to a palestine being invaded by british troops!!
it's as plain as tycho brahe's fake nose people!!

It's people! Soylent Green is people!

*adds a snork @ insom comment in the hopes that the rest of blogland think she fully understands what he just posted*

*goes off to Google™*

insom: hee hee... I think

oh, and the queen of england, peyton manning, barack obama, and the 1969 mets are all lizards from outer space (but you all knew that already, didn't you?)...

insom, I want some of what you're smokin'

*adjusts tin foil thong*

*Fades into grainy stock montage of Ron Swoboda's miraculous diving catch/Elizabeth II doing the two-finger hiphop wave/Peyton Manning being sacked/Obama giving Joe Biden a dirty look, overlain by footage of those lizards that run on top of water with bugeyes and skin around their heads that make them look like their face just exploded, with a crawler indicating that an all-new episode of Romulan Idol is coming up after the news*

The Internet equivalent is at http://faultline.org/index.php/site/item/incendiary/ - Also brilliant

Steve D beat me to
This is the title of a typical incendiary blog post
, which has gone viral the past week.

(This is a parenthetical comment without a hyperlink.)

Petulantly notes that previous commenter(s) have already made best observations.

*adjusts tin foil thong*
But what do you do with the top half of that bikin?

You put an aluminum boob-in-em

it was python-worthy!

Eric Idle and John Cleese would be proud.

I don't really care what some punter is saying.

J school in a nut shell.

Obligatory link to similar blog post from several years ago, on another, formerly great, site.

I'm sure padraig will not be impressed butt.... I have 6 inches of snow and ice in my front yard and it is still falling. padraig, or any other person of the northern persuasion, if you would like to come to North Carolina and shovel my driveway it would make me very happy. On a bright note I took some pictures and they made the local news and the local newspaper! Of course the local news is also showing pictures of all the idiots that have decided that their 4 wheel drives will go in ice and therefore have wrecked.

Also, PSA here.. if you are planning on flying through Charlotte or Atlanta think again. Our airports are closed. I would also like to clear up that I was not one of the idiots in the 4 wheel drive. They published a picture of my lab running through the snow. It was very cute. They gave it the headline, 'Lab Loves Snow'. Actually my lab was running back towards the house to come inside because she hates snow.

Now that I'm a published photographer, here is my picture. I'm sure the job offers will be rolling in after this. This picture was from yesterday about 30 mins. after it started snowing. There is a lot more of it now.

nc, Was you lab rattling?

Tash, I are freezing!!! I have now had 6 pictures shown on the local news and in the local paper. I guess I'm the only one crazy enough to get out in this with a camera. btw, all pictures were taken with my cute, pink Canon camera. Please everyone keep your fingers crossed that our power does not go out. Last time we had weather like this I didn't have power for 6 long, cold days.

Way to go, cindy. From what you've said I assumed the dog was heading inside rather than out...and who could blame her?

Thankfully the frigid air is suppressing the snow well to the south of us (southern NJ and south) so we only have to deal with zero wind chills on our trek into the city today.

Four more days until we leave for Florida.

Miami weather update: No snow

Boston weather update: Human popsicles.

Fun picture, NurseCindy! Labs are fun dogs - they seem to love everyone.

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