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January 26, 2010


The WineRack.

(Thanks to SharonCville)


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Free sipping!

Yum, a little sweat with your wine.

The sippy cup updated.

Does it work with beer?

That requires a bigger rack. Also, a cooled rack, which the lady might object to.

I recommend getting the liquor rack.

We're gonna need a bigger boob.

The last review seems as authentic as a letter to Penthouse Forum... Nevertheless, if one of the ladies wants to carry, I'll help reduce the burden. *S*

Do NOT try it with jello shooters. Siouxie told me.

Gets a little sticky, Annie.

We ARE gonna need a bigger boob. My box-o-wine won't fit there.

Heyyyy baby! Nice vintage!

Sloshing or sloshed? Also, what do you do with the long tube?
I'm afraid I would have real breast-feeding issues with this one. I'm not kinky enough.

Does white or red go best with ramparts?

"Happy Valentine's Day-- you need bigger boobs AND more liquor!" Don't see how that message could be misinterpreted...

Why thank you ;-)

*Cheers* @ Hammie!!!

Alas: woe is me, for I could not possibly wear it. *sniff* that's discrimination against the busty!

The WineRack just proves the old adage - if it has a rack it will whine.


Roses are red, lilies are pink;
This is for you when I need a drink.

*aims low*

*SMACKS* Layzee!

[Comment delete for improper "cork" reference]

Que syrah, syrah,
Whatever the vintage will be,
The cup goes from "B" to "D",
que syrah, syrah.

The model was paid tens to do this shoot.

Note her emotional range.

As seen in Playboy and The Today Show??? Has Playboy classed up or has The Today Show gone down?

Is that how momma vampires nurse their young uns?

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