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January 11, 2010


(Thanks to Marfie, B'game, Chuck Cody and Ken Kelley)


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Makes sense for most of the Man U fans I have met.

"Frigid Farrah"? If I wanted a machine to tell me "NO!", I'd just try to get Windows Vista to do something.

*Snork @ Steve*

'Lars and the Real Girl' is a cute movie if anyone wants to see one of these dolls act. Rated PG, btw.

More importantly... Hines says, "Sex only goes so far — then you want to be able to talk to the person."
What bizarro world does he live in?

I had the prototype of that robot, but it dumped me.

And the Juggernaut of Science rolls on. Slightly stickier than usual.

Gotta ask Rob if he saw that when he was at CES.

"One feature is that immediately following coitus the robot rolls over and falls asleep."

The most depressing thing I have seen in quite some time. Thanks!

She looks a little shy.

Um...so...where's the robot dude?

Siouxie, I saw in another version that the male robot is named--no kidding--Rocky.

will it work in the carpool lane?



queensbee--It will only work in the carpool lane on pants-less Mondays. Otherwise you will have to dress it up like a lumberjack or something.

Too funny. Who in their right mind would pay money for that.

Way cheaper than a deevorce. Jus' sayin.

I thought the perfect woman was supposed to be four feet tall, no teeth, flat head to rest your beer on, pistol grip ears, and turned into a pizza when you're done.

If someone could afford $10,000 for a sex doll, I'm quite certain he could afford a "high-class call-girl", who could at least provide a more convincing performance...


Yeah, a human hooker would probably be self-cleaning, too. Mostly.

Farah was into cryogenics? Who knew?

Gee, kinda like necrophilia, but without all the bad smells and felonies and stuff.

That is just sad and creepy.

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