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December 26, 2009


You really wanted this.

(Thanks to Ender)


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What if you wake up at 2 a.m. and really, REALLY have to go, uh, water the plants? Come to think of it, how do you even get into it?

Or you could just watch that Voyager episode in which Janeway and Paris are turned into tadpoles, which reportedly has had the same effect on viewers. This should make running from bears easier.

Gizmodo is missing the potential. I suggest we order one for each member of Congress.

That's not a snuggie. It's very small japanese person in a large pair of snow pants, with the waistband pulled up over his head and the drawstring pulled tight.

The ultimate in regifting!


I saw The Japanese Snuggie fight Hulk Hogan in '92.

Or maybe not.

But what about this or this

If my rudimentary Japanese skills and slightly-less-rudimentary currency conversion skills are anything to go by, we're looking at a $448.68 sleeping bag.

Or $471.11 for the deluxe model.

I'll stick with spending $000.00 on a combination of blankets and a robe.

I don't dislike anyone enough that I would regift that to them.

Supreme insolence! How the #?$& do you blog?!

Actually, that's just a seasonal straight jacket.

Perfect for evading squirrel attacks. Unless they get in the bag with you.

its not the gift. its the thought that counts.
i got crappy stuff, because i'm the auntie.
i dont exchange with my jewish relatives we stopped doing that yrs ago. so that's ok.
but you other folks- hey, yeah, you!! i have enuf ugly cheapo necklaces.
i got them all gift cards. why dont they think i would like one too?????
sorry. end of rant. they are family. we love each other. we doo!! REALLLY!
i also got some stuff that can be regifted next yr - but not with them. and a couple things will be great for a grab bag.
i gonna eat the chocolate.

*sends queenie a box of wines...not milky*

CJ's right. It looks like something Jack Bauer could use to (ahem) contain someone when he interrogates them.

Somehow these items don't appear to meet the most important criteria discussed when I wuz in BSA ... the concept of havin' sumbuddy else inside the sleepin' bag with one's ownself, for "snuggly" purposes ...

No, we din't consider other BSAs ... we debated the relative merits of ... um ... different gender-type persons ...

All of the above based on the BSA motto, of course ...

.. This would sell well in North Central America right now...

Do they make a three-legged version? :-D

Get Amy Winehouse to model that; the improvement would be so striking, they wouldn't be able to keep 'em in stock.

Tastes like maponi worms.

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