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December 26, 2009



(Thanks to Mr. Jeff Arch)


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Well, of course. Everybody hates milky. Unless is't chocolate.

White wine, I'd like to introduce red. Red, white wine.

Can we introduce beery?

Hey, who took the picture of my front door?

I'm all for leaving the milky and bringing on the vinos!

Introduce them to who?

That's "whom", Jeff.

Milky gives me gas. Much better to introduce wine. What if the whine is winey?

*puts copy of sign on a T-shirt for Siouxie*

Merry Christmas! Bff!

Lairbo, thank you for correcting Jeff so I don't have to SMACK him. He likes it too much.

Thanks, BFF! I introduce myself to wines all the time. I'm rather fond of wines. Boxes of wine. Bottles of wines.

Even, in a pinch, glasses of wine, right Siouxie?

Siouxie, this is wine. Wine, this is Siouxie. We don't want to meet Mr. Milky or Ms. Food over in the corner. They're very rude.

Steve, no mas vino por usted.

Milk and wine mixed together with spices was called syllabub, and was one of George Washington's favorite drinks. It was sort of a wine based eggnog.

Milk and Pepsi are good.

*is planning on introducing milky to lobster and sherry for this evening's dinner*

Laverne DeFazio, that's just gross!

So a Milky Whey is verboten, but a Three Muscatels is copacetic?

Drinking wine on an empty stomach. Always a wise choice.

A few months ago, a strong dose of penicillin might have prevented that sign. But it's too late now.

I would love to know where this photo was taken!

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