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December 01, 2009


Hotel bed-jumping:


Story here; website here.

(Thanks to Kristin)


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Looks to me like they're just avoiding the aforementioned bedbugs.

Didn't this used to mean something entirely different (and altogether better)?

Can't wait to hear about the honeymoon suite pictures.

My thoughts exactly, Meanie. Kids nowadays.

Curmudgeon time: These folks should jump on their own beds if they want these pictures. I used to work in a small, family-owned motel in a tourist town and I can imagine the call from the next, angry guest complaining about the broken bed in their room, having a room out of commission for a week or more while a new bed is ordered and installed, etc. Not to mention the liability if one of these idiots misses the bed and breaks a collarbone.

I'll just go back to knitting sweaters for my cats and chasing those darn kids off of my lawn...

My thoughts exactly ubetcha.

S'ville - duly noted. Don't forget to kick a couple puppies. I think MtB has some you can borrow.

I'll gladly shoo a few stray pups sharonc's way, if she doesn't mind them coming with a few bb's.

I can't wait to see someone bounce off the bed and out the window. (actually happened in NYC a few years ago)

Meh. Tri-delts been bed jumping for years.

And here I've been just bouncing off the walls . . .

I tried this once and accidentally crashed through eight stories and the roof....

I am now banned from Wisconsin....

The entire state.

Bed-hopping is much more popular.


Front desk, may I help you?

Yes, can you please send someone to Room 304 to adjust the gravity? Thank you.

So that's what they're doing all night in the rooms next to mine.

Tiger Woods might be in trouble for this... the Ho's are comin out-a-the woods, iykwim(aityd)

So THAT'S what they were doing in the next room. And fast, too!

"Couple in the next room bound to win a prize,
they been goin' at it all night long"

- Paul Simon, "Lincoln Duncan"

Señor Meanie?? Heeere ees dos bricks for tu breeng ju down. Ees good?

Why do they all have their clothes on?

I sleep on a "foam" mattress. I've never tried jumping on it. Probably this would explain a lot of "missing persons". They're just stuck in the mattress.

Some people are just good for lion food.


'ello. Juanita espeaking....

Yes, hello, Juanita. Er, those bricks you brought?

Si, Señor Meanie??

Well, they worked very effectively....

Bueno, Señor!

... but, I and they are in Room 204 now.


I agree with one of the commentors. That dork is in bed with two women and he's playing with a feckin' lamp?

We've been had. This is just a viral marketing ploy by a travel website that finds travel deals. Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.

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