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December 23, 2009


Here's more of me talking about South Florida. And still more.

Update: Something appears to be wrong with these links. I'll leave them up in hopes that it gets fixed. Meanwhile, rest assured that judi will be fired several times.

Update: As far as I can tell, the best thing to do is go to the main Herald site, scroll down and click on the links to the videos of me talking about the Kardashians and the shark on the People Mover. Or, not. Do what you want I am not your mom.

Update: Well, now the links seem to be working again. I need a beer.


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read that as 'excrement'

It's tough to contain excitement when the link says:
An error occurred while processing your request.
Reference #97.377c98cf.1261606410.0

wouldn't it be fun to have a re-write of the book "Are You My Mother?" if Dave wrote it?

... and our long national nightmare is over

Sharkadian? Never heard of them.
Land Shark beer, on the other hand ...

*Hands Dave and the entire blog a beer*

Tsing Tao cuz I'm eatin' Chinese, but you all fantasize the beer you'd like.

I'm loving this new stand-up gig. Don't right a column, just stand there and say stuff. Then some guy (or Judi) puts cute titles on, and you're good to go.

Are you sending us the bloopers?

P.S. Dave, I think you're at your cutest age ever. Right now. (ducks from the wrath of Mrs. Blog)

throws up a "w" (so to speak)

You can right a column too, but I think you used to write them.


Heene headed for the slammer


Tash, I don't know what Dave's politics are (the DBFPYOTUS sticker from 2008 on my car is starting to peel), butt I'm reasonably certain he's not a righter. He was post-partisan before it wuz cool.

Merry Christmas to all!!!

CJ, I was imagining super-strength if he was righing columns.

R-I-G-H-T-I-N-G columns.

Where's the vodka?

Let me tell you, when I went to Arizona the story of the shark on MetroRail was a hit. I saw looks of skepticism and then when I told them to google shark+Miami+train I had all their attention.

As for the stars on Miami Beach I say we quarantine them on arrival. 21 days in lock up and if their Q-rating drops they are denied entry.

Dave, I'll give you a scaled-down version of this.

MOTW, don't give crossgirl any ideas. The beer bottle patio isn't finished yet!

I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one that doesn't know who most of these 'celebrities' are. A friend asked his son the other day who Mr. T. was. He said he was the guy that did the AT&T commercials. Of course he had never heard of the A-Team. I also agree with Tash about Dave's cuteness level although I think Tash has had enough chinese food and beer,iykwim.


So Dave's not my Mom??

*goes to window, looks up at sky, starts singing "Somewhere out there....."*

*Hear's Dr. Poo telling Punkin to shut the window before she lets all the heat out*

No backs!

Fine. I'll leave the thread, juss don take away my keys, I can type juss as bad as always.

This is great! And he also has one about the new Marlins Stadium.

Tash, this guy said he would help you get comfie tonight. Don't be naughty.

Hmmmmmm, (that's all the keys she has left, I took them all)

Also since I'm wrapping gifts now: Merry Christmas to all the blog ladies. May this Santa be very good to you this year. And Merry Christmas to the blog guys. May this Santa make your Christmas dreams come true. Ya'll are the best!

One look at those girls, and you realized, just how many years Sly Stallone has lived in Miami...

And I agree with Tash---if you have to feel sorry for a nurse shark at Christmastime,then Dave is the surely the best man the Miami Herald could pick to deliver that "bad news--sharks are dying on the streets in Miami" with important updates.

And Yes, I actually heard Pumpkin singing...tonight...great job!

Cool vids Dave. That is a very good section of the Herald site.

Please tell Bridget Carey that she is CUTE!

Have Joy!

The thundering herds will be at the door soon, so I just want to wish the Blog, the s.b. and all my fellow bloglits a Very Merry Christmas!!!

May the NOG be plentiful!

Merry Christmas Eve to all my blog family!!!

Good (ow) morning to all the bloglits! I was gone but a few hours and we have piles of snow - what a beautiful Christmas Eve! Maybe we won't dig out in time for family...;)

Hope you all have a safe, happy and beautiful holiday! Now, where's my shovel -- Mr. Tash is still asleep.

HAPPY NOG TO ALL, and thanks nursecindy for the perk!!!!

The Naperville Squirrels wish you a happy Christmas. May none of your offspring be endangered by dogs, Britney or power grids, and may all the lightbulbs you eat be white or blue. May your tails never make your asses look too big, and may all your nuts be edible. Most of all, wherever you are and whatever you believe, may you have love and peace.

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