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December 23, 2009


Nudi Kiwi cyclists warned over helmets

(Thanks to Ralph and Jeff Meyerson)


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the men she described as "very fit".


Bet she was staring at their "helmets"...

key quote: "They didn't seem drunk at all. That's what worried me."

Or their handle bars, Allen ;-)

Hey, if you're gonna pedal your butt around town, ya gotta have protection.

Hi there! Nice ta meetcha! I'm from WhatsamattaU! Put 'er there, pa- - ... No doubt about it, Rock, I gotta get some new friends.

Whatsamatta in Whangamata?

Sorry, Siouxie (and cindy and Judi) - no pictures with this one.

So...she told them not to get off?

Um, no comment.

I suggest a stiff fine.

whangamata, great place name, goes with officer duder. yeah, this article has it all.

Was the bike a Schwin or a SCHWING!!!!

Do they need one large helmet and also a small helmet?

It would have been better with pictures, Jeff. Shoddy journalism.

Whangamata is in Waikato, near Waiharakeke and Puketui. FYI, "wh" is pronounced as an"f" in Maori -- just the whacts, ma'am.

I think she was just yankin' their chains.

what the whuck??

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