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December 24, 2009


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(Thanks to Gregg Geil)


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What about the squirrel droppings? Children can eat those, right?

How does one tell the difference between dog poop and raccoon poop? My First Chemistry Set?

There may (or may not) be raccoon (and/or other small furry mammals’) doots poo poo Number Two droppings in the park that are hazardous to your health if placed in the mouth gag, why would you?. Please watch your children carefully. You know how kids are always putting things in their mouths, for Pete’s sake.
City of Literacy-Challenged Bureaucrats
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Parks Division
Motto: Have Fun Anyway!

Það má Raccoon droppings í garðinum sem eru hættuleg að heilsa ef sett í munni. Vinsamlegast horfa á börnin þín vandlega.

Tam môže byť mýval trusu v parku, ktoré sú nebezpečné pre svoje zdravie, ak sú uvedené v ústach. Prosím, sledujte svoje deti starostlivo.
Mesto Monterey
Divízia parky

Everyone knew them as rancid.

The sign tells us to watch our kids eat scat, not stop them from eating it. Must be a federally-funded scientific study.

OK, I admit to being one of those people who will study scat to determine what animal left it. I generally avoid touching it and definitely won't put it in my mouth. That is disgusting. It is probably a factor in why I WON'T EAT RAISINS.

Die tòâsted Bokken droppings are die Best!

Are the racoons in the park radioactive or something? What's up with that?

The next Fox reality/horror/family movie/holiday special - "When Animals Attack - Zoonotically."

Yes, I did notice that the children now go out after dark, scurry around furtively in parks, and upset the garbage cans looking for scraps.

Probably tastes better than some of the potato salad I've eaten at picnics.

Blame Brooklyn.
I used to live-trap nuisance raccoons; I've had rabies shots but there's no vaccine for this brainworm. Dogs can get and spread it also. Watch out for that shit-eating grin.

Man! Some of you have had some really crappy bad jobs.

☆ II

Those chocolate covered raisins (sorry Steve) and peanuts you find on the ground are the best either.

Exactly what are the racoons dropping? Enquiring minds want to know.


NOW they tell me?!

Should we be concerned about the lion poo ?

A gift for that 'special' someone in your life.


THIS is why you shouldn't eat raccoon poop:


I'm not absolutely certain but this sign looks as if it's at what appears to be the appropriately named "Dennis the Menace" Park.

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We need to protect them.We need to fight with people wants to hunt them.

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