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December 24, 2009


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Adult Super Center?
*warning* don't have read this one if you have a headache. It's too much.

Wait, he has a girlfriend AND a blow-up doll? Nice threesome.

Hey, he was desperate - he was shopping for his GF's Christmas present.

He had quite the exciting day. I'm guessing alcohol and/or drugs may have been involved?

A multitasker with a very busy day, indeed. So much to do for the Holidays.

Sounds like he'll be home for the holidays.

Prison? Just build a fence around him. A future Darwin Award winner guaranteed.

changing into a woman's jogging suit while stealing a gun

"Poof, you're a jogging suit"

'I'm guessing alcohol and/or drugs may have been involved?'

How about a whole fistfull of drugs. Wotta Maroon!

I wonder if Wyatt Earp ever had crimes like that in Tombstone ?

*snork! @jeff*

I thought the same thing...

Wait...it took a police dog to find a man hiding under a mattress? My mind would boggle, except I think my last remaining IQ points leaked out while I was reading this story.

There but for the grace of God go I.......

Right now the Coen brothers are writing a script combining this story and the one above about the father/son/iguana incident.

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