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December 23, 2009


A Memphis man is to appear in court next month to face charges that he stiffed a Florida cab driver of $3,000 after a 1,600-mile cab ride from Miami.

(Thanks to Mike)


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Did he go there by way of the Holland Tunnel?

Does anyone see anything wrong with this story? Memphis is not 1600 miles away from Miami (according to Google maps, it's 1041). Clearly when this guy fell asleep the cabbie made one hell of a detour to rack up the miles. That, or he just drove in circles for eight or nine hours. Of course, he is a South Florida driver, so I suppose that wouldn't be unheard of.

Josh the cabbie probably charges a round trip fare for that kind of trip. He's not likely to pick up a passenger headed back the other way.

Mebbe he thought he was in the Cash Cab. You know, answer 4,500 questions between Miami and Memphis and the ride is free?

What's an appropriate tip for a $3000 fare?

What's an appropriate tip for a $3000 fare?

Posted by: Mitch | December 23, 2009 at 12:02 PM

I'd say, "Make sure he has the cash before you take him" would be a good tip.

"He is to return to court with an attorney on Jan. 5."

Hey, taxi!

"1,600 miles to Graceland" would be a good name for a movie.... Maybe you could get someone like Kurt Russell or Kevin Costner to be in it...

Maybe some of you New Yorkers can answer this. Would a New York cabbie have let him get away with this?

Yeah, Amber, or maybe even someone with talent!

NC: first of all, you wouldn't want to spend 1,000 miles in a cab with a NYC cab driver.

If a New York cabbie did take such a fare, the cost would have been $3,000 (plus tolls) just to get to New Jersey.

On my last cab ride in NYC another car rear-ended the cab and ran. The cabbie took off after him, lost him, then was turned down by 2 different cops when he tried to make an accident report.

This confirmed that NYC is in an alternate universe from the one I live in.

I checked the Internet for time/distance from St. Augustine to Key West. The actual drive was about 80% longer than the web sites assured me it would be.
Also, according to the Internet, my place is on the St. Johns River just south of Jacksonville.
Funny, I always thought I lived on an island south of St. Augustine.
Cabbie definitely should have asked for at least half up front.

The last time we tried to take a cab home from JFK the cabbie pulled away from the curb and immediately plowed into another cab.

Ever since then I've driven to the airport and left the car in long-term parking. In the end it's not worth it to take a cab.

Yes, Pogo, NYC is in an alternate universe, but that's what keeps it interesting. You just never know what you'll experience from one moment to the next.

i <3 ny

Stay classy, Memphis

Shouldn't that have been I 3< NY?

I know this guy- Lucilo Perez. I had to evict him and his crackhead girlfriend from my apartment that I own in Miami Beach. He is a liar, a thief, and trust me this was planned the whole time. She "NELLIE" has been in and out of jail and now he is in jail. I hope he ROTS IN THERE!!!!!

I've also noticed that the internet is not absolutely 100% accurate when it comes to maps. Some family members of mine spent half an hour looking for a store in an area where, they eventually found, there was not and had never been such a store, but a well-known online map said it was there.

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