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December 22, 2009


Giant George.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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I can only imagine about the carbon footprint of the character on the left, with or without photoshop.

I sure hope George is housebroken. I wouldn't want to clean up after him.

Either that guy is a genius in Photoshop, or he should be wearing an extra heavy duty gas mask. "The dog did it" would not need any further explanation.

Eh-heh-heh-heh-heh!! I'll get you, my pretty, and your little ..... Whoa! Never mind....

Another setup for the punchline, "...anywhere he wants!"

I think the squirrelizer squirrel needs to be seated on that guy's left, to balance out.


If you notice this man's giant knees, it will give you a good idea of the lens and filters used to take this picture. Basically, this is taken with a lens where the closer an object is in the foreground, the larger it appears. Hence, this man's feet appear the same size as his entire upper body.
While the other normal pictures indicate that this appears to be an abnormally sized dog, it's probably not necessary to over-exaggerate it.

Roy, that's how I explain most of my photos.

We're gonna need a bigger pooper scooper.

That poor man can fit his head in his sneaker.

Considering a noticeably disproportionally small body part in picture #3, I'd say it's all a result of steroid abuse. What?

A short time later....

The comments section below the story held a gem as well:

I really wish people would stop reporting on this and sensationalizing this ... in my mind all dogs are cute... however, the continued sensationalizing only serves to harm the breeds and gives the anti-dog ownership lobby the ammunition that they want.

elvira: - snork!

Yipes! You're right, BFF! What a leeeetle head he has. (and you know what they say...)

Yo quiero Michael Moore.

*runs off to hide all of my designer heels*

"Anti-dog ownership lobby"? Too late. That dog OWNS, period.

Two comments, why not just "unique"? And I was going to comment on picture #3 but then I thought, "What if it is just average size?"
Also, I quarantined a single Great Dane twice because he bit his owner. The guy thought he should use a 2X4 to get the dog's attention. It worked.
I walked up to the dog and spoke gently to him. He put his paws on my shoulders and leaned down to lick my face. Good dog.

Inspires me to write a book (well, maybe a paragraph) called Pin Head and the Giant Dog.

You'd sure hate to see THAT dog get itchy butt and go dragging his heinie across the rug.

Itchy? I'd hate to have that thang hump my leg!!

This reminds me of the final scene in "BeetleJuice" (Hate that title!) where the Voodoo guy sprinkles magic powder on the annoying star, and shrinks his head....

Steve, do you work as a vet or animal control? Sounds like you have a knack with animals.

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