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December 28, 2009







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judi, it's always time for a feckin!! when's the next blog outing??? I'm on vacation!!!

Siouxie & judi, can we have it in St. Pete? I'll be there 1/8 - 1/17.

Will it be a wee fookin' feckin' or a grite fookin' feckin'?

Enquirin' minds will be wantin' ta know.

I like the "Please Don't Hit Me" bumper sticker which, ironically, appears not to be on a bumper.

Ohhhhhh-kay. That was random.

BTW, my personal hero in the inflatable Xmas decorations category is a guy who has in his tiny front yard:
1) An inflatable Santa.
2) An inflatable polar bear.
3) An inflatable Santa riding a polar bear.

I have to give the guy credit for knowing how to establish a theme.

Affecktionate Feckin' = Feckin' Perfecktion,
but Defecktive Feckin' = Feckin' Infecktion.

Did you notice Dave is skiing towards a Feckin Gondola?

South Florida looks to be a lot like that parallel universe where Spock has a goatee.

Santa as a motorcycle gang member, trying to run down the Holy Family who are cowering under a bush. Yes, that about sums up the holiday spirit in Florida.


Dave's Year in Review was posted on fark.com

And here I thought the Wise Men brought baby Jesus those really really bad (except the gold) gifts. Turns out it was Santa in a Harley who brung 'em. Hu nu???

And here I sit Feckless...

Remember the feckless members of the community at this joyous time of the year.

We used to have feck-ins at the Dean's office during the '60s. There was usually a cleaning crew involved afterward.

Have a feckin good time.

Dang it, you folks are getting together and here I am stuck at home in California?
(Note: the cats agree, so we are probably moving to Florida next year.)

yay, jan!!

Jan - bring your earthquake-preparedness kit, as I'm sure it can double as a hurricane-preparedness kit... ;)

yay, jan!!

Tony, there's vino in both kits...so yeah.

Silent night, Harley Night
All are bombed, lit up bright
Bears down on Virgin, mother and child
Plastic infant, but don't get him riled
Please don't hit him, you feck
Please don't hit him, you feck!

Feckin' A MtB!

Please don't feck me.

In New York the bumper stickers say "Please Hit Me - I Need the Money"

could whoever posted about fark.com please post the link so we can find it? thanks.

judi: At Fark it's the next-to-last item for Monday, Dec. 28th, with the caption "In a setback for U.S. interests in Central America, voters in Honduras elect, as their new president, Rod Blagojevich."

We Cali-bloggers will miss you, Jan. Please remember you are following in the footsteps of OJ Simpson, Britney Spears, and the Kardashians. When you get to the peninsula state, you may need a shower.

thanks ralph!

Looks like festivity is in full swing in Florida these days!!!

SPAM for breakfast, anyone???

Well judi, looks like you were already at the Falcon Pub without us!

Also, Mediaite linked to Dave's piece as well.


Drudge Report also linked to Dave's column.

Don't feck with me Fark.

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