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December 18, 2009


(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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WHat do you mean, "send them to Washington"?

Isn't that Michelle Bachmann and her tea party friends?

*waves to nursecindy*

Hope it all went well.

Yep, It looks like every clown imaginable. Washington? Yep, yep.

They couldn't be any worse than what we have there now.

More favorable photo title would have been "111th Session of Congress"!

The Basilica of Guadalupe, huh? Well, let's hope they all find their miracle cure.

That scene would be my wife's worst nightmare.

Scary scary scary

*SMACKS* Jeff with a teabag!

The clowns are already in Congress.

No, these guys have more dignity than that....

send in the clowns? dont bother, they're here.

Jehovah's Witness protection?

That was Al Franken on the left side just behind Pelosi. I thought it was an Al Qaeda class picture at first.


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