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December 01, 2009


If it's mandatory, is it really a tip?

(Thanks to cyrldiving)


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Here's a tip: Go somewhere else to eat.

i once got twenty-percented by a restaurant in duck, south carolina that had a policy of adding that gratuity to parties of 8 or more - (we had nine) regardless of the fact that we ALL ATE FROM THE BUFFET AND GOT OUR OWN DAMN FOOD. arguing with the manager accomplished nothing. :(

In "mandatory tip" situations, I make it a point of telling the wait-staff that their management screwed them out of tip $$. "I wanted to give you 25%, but your boss thinks you are only worth 18%. Sorry."


If this is good old American tradition, then they should use another GOAT and get a lawyer and sue their @sses.

Nice publicity for that place, thanks to the restaurant manager's brilliant strategy.


It's not my problem if the restaurant doesn't pay a fair wage. If I get good service I leave a good tip. If I get lousy service I leave a minimum tip and let the manager know about it. One thing I've noticed is if you're nice to your waiter or waitress you get better service.

From a different article:
mandatory 18% tip on a $73 bill = $16
Am are pubs learning?

If they offered to comp the meal, then the tip would be 18% of $0 = $0. Which is what they paid. So why the arrest?

mud, I hope y'all farted in their general direction as you departed. (would that be defarting?)

calling judi! She usually has an excellent opinion on subjects like poor service.

I read the update - glad the charges were dropped.

This is why we stopped going to grandma's for Thanksgiving.

TIP = To Insure Promptness.

No promptness, no tip.

I once went to a restaurant in Duck, NORTH Carolina. It was hunting-themed. The restroom doors were labeled "Pointers" and "Setters".

Mud, you got ducked.

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