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December 14, 2009


(Thanks to Linda Wine)


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Here's the Christmas card to go along with this theme.


Female voice from the gallery: Udaman!

All I'm getting is a yellow screen.

I got a 97.

I got to the "play" screen
and then quit because it was too stupid for words.

97? Are you kidding me? I got 135 on my first try.

Bwa-ha-ha! 115! Then--ow, ow, ow....

First (and only) try = 211, neener, neener. I live on a dirt road -- playing dodge-'em is second nature.

392 on the first try. I have an angry wife... talk about second nature.

bot blocked. Apparently I'm missing some digital lingerie, and I'm not talkin' toe socks.

149 on 1st attempt, baby!
(ok, so it ain't great compared to some scores, I admit, but's it 5:45 AM and I'm still working on my first cuppa coffee, so cut me a damn break here, will ya?)

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