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December 24, 2009


This is a truck Lucy found somewhere. As you can imagine, it is her favorite thing in all the world. She has modified it quite a bit, but it's still not 100 percent right, so she works on it a lot.



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Dave, hopefully she can digest it well. My pocketbook knows from experience.

Looks like a vehicle from "Mad Max - Labrador Dome".

Cubbie the Amazing Brainless Wheaten Terrorist... uh, Terrier, likes used washcloths and underwear as pets and prefers to keep the aluminum foil ON the things she steals off the kitchen counters. She also has a long-suffering Kung Fu Panda stuffed toy, which she works diligently to mangle at every opportunity. It's like having a small Sherman tank in the house.

Blue-speckled poop?

Our parrot spits empty sunflower seeds out of his cage and my lab (Duffy) runs over as soon as his ADG (Amazing Dog Hearing) hears it hit the carpet. He then inhales the hard, dry shell, causing him to hack and gack it back up onto the rug, at which point his pea sized brain says "Oh look! Food!" and he scarfs it up a second time, repeating the hacking & gacking ad nauseum.

Labs are really not that bright.

Lucy's a guy???

I'll keep my mechanic, thanks.

You should see what Lucy did to Ken...

"There's a great future in plastics. Think about it."
The Graduate (1967)


My two Afghan Hounds ate most of what was christened The Disgusting Dog Couch up in my bedroom. My philosophy is that it is their couch, so they can eat it if they want to. I told them that they would not get a new couch, since I have a suspicion that they would eat that one, too.

I bet Lucy could get a job at GM. I hear they're looking for executives who at least know something about cars.

Look perfect for the Kibble-for-Clunkers program.

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