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December 01, 2009


(Thanks to RussellMc)


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And now it's time I forgot.

*swats RussellMC*

Someone should fire the proofreader, assuming there was one.

"Traumatic Insemination" WBAGNFARB!

Bed Bug Reproduction opened for Metallica, right?

*sprays RAID™ @ RussellMC*

YET ANOTHER reason to avoid touching hotel mattresses.

>dodges hypodermic genitalia and slinks away looking for external 'paragential' structures <.....


*SMACKS* russellmc. I guess I'll just sleep in a chair now if I travel. Or my car.

What I got out of this was: 1) bedbugs have some kind of weird mating method that involves needles or something, and 2) the reason there's a "New York" version of the bedbug killing kit is not that NY bedbugs are tougher, but because NYers generally have smaller bedrooms.



Kind of sounds like an exclusive, gated, community.

"Experience The Spermalege."

Maybe not.

Geez, I just now got my Panda Express, and opened that. Curse you, RussellMC !

I want a box of crazy raspberry ants. Them's good eatin'


The greatest challenge in nature would be for someone to take a "cute and cuddly" picture of a bedbug. Anybody up for some LOL bedbugs?

The special New York kit contains an ample supply of claymore mines and napalm, plus a one way ticket out of town to escape the bed bugs that survive.

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