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December 22, 2009


A Brooklyn man is in trouble over a plan to make money off a city-owned garage. Authorities said he broke in to the closed garage near the old seaport district and Wall Street, reopened it and began charging people for parking.

(Thanks to queensbee and Jeff Meyerson)


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Give that man a Medal of Freedom!

Hey, the guy is an entrepreneurial genius. He should be feted, not flogged.

Has Siouxie said it yet? No? Ok then.


He collected a parking fee, instead of taking the keys and driving a couple of shiny new Beamers off to a new life as mechanical organ donors?

Very un-New York of him.

he just wanted some extra do-re-mi for the holiday is all. if he stole cars he coulda bin cawt. oh, wait.

Didn't this man learn anything from clarence thomas?

Send that man to Washington!

How much was he charging. Just so we know whether to fine him or give him a grant.

Note: add "?" where needed.

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