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December 24, 2009


Kentucky father, son attempt to trade stolen lizard for booze

(Thanks to Zak Kendrick)


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The barter system is alive and well. Huzzah!

Dave, stop, relax, have some nog, it's Christmas.

A Man opening his coat to display his lizard. Wasn't that the opening scene in Oedipus Rex ?

Legal tender in Florida? Only until they figure out how to print denominations on python skin.

A very convenient set of stores. You buy your gun at the Gun & Archery shop, pick up some liquor at the Liquor store, and when you get drunk and accidently shoot your own dog in the leg, you take him to the Pet Hospital. It's the circle (or cycle) of life.

*sings " all iguana christmas is a toot or three"...*

Something tells me that this isn't the first inappropriate lesson this father has taught his son. On the other hand, it does demonstrate initiative.
They probably would have been more effective is they had just cut out the "middle man" and tried to steal the booze right off.
No, wait. A liquor store clerk will shoot you dead while a Vet. will just call someone.

"Last week, David Martt, 44, and his son Harley, 18, walked down a road in Morehead, Kentucky and what transpired over the next couple hours coast them their freedom and has a reptile fighting to save his tail."

Alcohol was involved as well in the writing of that paragraph.

A heart-warming Father-and-Son holiday tale! Two bums up!

“So he opened up his jacket. He had the lizard underneath his coat and I said nah, not interested in the iguana," said Furnish.

Since Siouxie doesn't seem to be around at the moment I'll say it:


All's well that ends well. Under the new health plan, the lizard is now eligible for trauma therapy and a hair transplant.

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