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December 30, 2009


And then someone has to answer our question and explain what a "soul patch" is.

(Thanks to Lisa M. and Zelda H.)


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Okay, that takes care of the "what". Now how about the "why?"


Okay, this is weird. I Googled "soul patch woman" (ya know, because there WAS a picture of Jennifer Anniston), and one of the first page entries is about Tony Almeida!

I personally have the goatee/soul patch combination. Why? Because that's how things are in the evil alternate universe.

And I thought men wore those because they either 1. Dropped their razors and didn't want to bend over to pick it up to finish that one little spot or 2. Couldn't see that area to shave it. Who knew?

"bonerkiller" about says it

Allen at Division, you may not know this but it is legal to google without using the words 'naked' or 'woman'. Just fyi.


that is all.

What does the soul have to do with it?

I choose to remain blissfully ignorant.

Cindy, it may be "legal", but it's not nearly as fun!

aka crab-catcher, soup catcher, flavor stripe or flavor-saver...

'Chicken Soup for the Soul Patch', anyone?

It is my experience that it is certainly not enough to obscure facial flaws.

Hammie - that's a hot combo! ;-)

*waves @ Hammie!!!*

I have been thinking of trying the reverse soul patch. Full beard and shave that area. I must discuss it with the wife first.

JOG- I have a feeling the wife will say 'No'. Just a gut feeling you understand. As for the rest of you blog guys with these patches where are the pictures???? *SMACKS* Allen at Division.

Diva, As disturbing as that picture is, I'd still run away with Salma in a heartbeat, even with the beard.

JugglerOfGeese - I believe that would be the "Abe Lincoln" look.

Jeff, it's also a ladykiller, too.

I just let the hairs in my nose grow out a few extra inches. Isn't that the same ?

My cousin says it's just a reverse Hitler moustache.

Another name for soul patch is "chin mullet." That should tell you all you need to know.

(Although the one guy from Los Lobos looks pretty cool with his.)

*snork* at chin mullet

Actually, that area is one of the few not covered with hair on my face.

The osul patch began in the 1950s to 60s by way of african american culture. Why only white men are in the google image search -and chickens- I have no idea.

The Osul is of course a place found in the Middle East. AS far as anyone can tell, no one there cares.

there's something wrong with the universe. Howie Mandell looked good and Kevin Costner looked bad.
How can that be.....wait...must...find...something...to...stop...the...spinning....

cj has a little patch of hair like that but he stores it on top of his head for safekeeping.


I have no intention of reqading judi's link, butt will say this: To me it may as well bea goatee.

Seriously, is this high-maintenance crap on your face something you think is sharp? Have you considered a face-toupee with a combover? Tell you what; if you spend that much time, grooming your face in a mirror, there may be another issue. May I suggest a mullet?

Facial landing strip. Upper Brazilian. That guy with the red sucker fish hanging on his lip was weird.

I have one of those beards where I grow it everywhere EXCEPT the "soul patch" area. In my case, there are deep philosophical and religions reasons behind it. That patch irritated the crap out of me. I was always chewing on it and looked more like an idiot than I usually do.
Most men with a soul patch look like they drooled their lunch.

Didn't they open for Porno for Pyros? No really! Well maybe they just played Ladies Night at Manhattan's.

looks stoopid to me...sorry like ...you're too friggin lazy to shave it all.

Hey dude! you missed a spot!

I dated a guy once who had a soul patch. He pointed to it and asked me if I knew what it was called. I said. frankly, "an accident?" and he laughed loud. He also said they call it a "flavor saver."

Needless to say, it was a one-date wonder.


if anyone's still up, i think the craig ferguson show tonight is going to be the one with dave on it. fyi.

Hi judi - havent posted for awhile, but stopped by to say the EXACT same thing to any that are still awake - and HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!

CoastRaven - psst, it's tomorrow!

Actually, wanted to say Happy New Year to Kaf in New Zealand, where it reached 2010 21 minutes ago.

really - that area is the reason i go clean-shaven. it itches like a mo-fo to grow hair there. and it starts itching within a day or two of cessation of shaving. more than once, on a long weekend i have shaved just the soul patch area to relieve the itching with out having to scrape my entire face.

'it itches like a mo-fo to grow hair there...'

obviously likes no stuff on his muffin

'it itches like a mo-fo to grow hair there...'

Those are the little-known original lyrics to "All Shook Up" by the way.

Facial merkin

I found the soul patch disturbing but then I remembered the "Boss" (Bruce) has one, so it must be cool...right? I am so conflicted right now.

Speaking of mullets, I am trying to smoke some now, to make a fish spread for later.

Very hard to get them lit.

It never ceases to amaze me; the things I learn on this blog.

Whether we want to learn them or not, right NS?

Right, nc.

Wow, I can now face 2010 with unparralleled knowledge. This blog is awesome, I like the flavor saver for those of us who like soup.

I just want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy and SAFE New Year's and all the best for 2010.

"I'm sorry, dear. I can't tell which two country singers you have tattooed on your thighs, but the one in the middle looks like Willie Nelson . . ."

*Echoes Siouxie's sentiments.*


Are they anything like smoked crawdads ???

(**Year-end snork @ bonmot!!!)

Another year of work over and done with! I'm outta here!

Have a Happy New Year to all, and as we like to say here, in sunny South Florida...
"Remember to stay under cover at midnight!"


Happy New Year's Everyone!

Go toss your confetti!

Maybe it's much too early to start drinking in the day
Oh but i thought i'd start drinking ask you anyway
What are you drinking doing new year's
new year's eve ?

CJ: I love smoked mullet. But it's so hard these days to find papers big enough to...oh, wait. Never mind.

I have 10 hours of bingeing until the 2010 diet kicks in.

You all be safe.

*admits to having the aforementioned goatee/soul patch combo*

And a happy, healthy, SNORK-filled 2010 to all my fellow bloggers and their (very patient, understanding) families.

I am having fun smoking mullet; it takes quite a few, butt eventually you catch a buzz.

Burgers or steaks on't take nearly long enough to entertain me, much.

crossgirl is also very happy about this, as it gives me hours of giddy entertainment, tending the fire and fiddling with multiple thermometers (she got me a digital thermometer, with a remote pager for my belt as a gift!). I last spied her (skipping, she does that) with her hands held aloft and singing, "Whhheeeeeee!!" You think I'm making this up?

I just want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy and SAFE New Year's and all the best for 2010.

Posted by: Siouxie | December 31, 2009 at 12:02 PM
siouxie is no fun. here, hold my beer and watch this!!!

*holds crossgirl's beer*

*drinks it*



hell, smokin' a mullet is easy! just drive down to the south end and go into any bar that stands alone, youknowwhatimsayin? any bar with a name like "the route 50 bypass inn" or the "golden buzz" and go in there with a can of deodorant and a bic lighter - you won't have to aim or nothin'. just flick yer bic and hold it up and spray that deodorant in the flame and in the general direction of the bar and you'll toast a mullet. probably two.

Just had to pass this along...

Free Burial

(sam and dave, or the blues brothers...)

growin' up from a hairless chin
good shavin' gets it real thin
and if you've seen it
you won't want to touch
'cause what i got, well it ain't much!

i've got a soul patch
a soul patch...

tried van-dykes, goatees, mull-ays
handlebars, thought they all looked gay
but a few stray hairs below my lip
and like garth brooks, day-um i'm hip!

i've got a soul patch
a soul patch...

well, abandon hope if it fills in
shave it off for a shot to have a girlfriend

Bravo insomniac! I'm just curious if any bloggers have made any New Year's resolutions? Also how long do you think you will be able to keep them? I know Siouxie has resolved to give up the 'box o'wine'. Anybody else?

crossgirl has given up being awake. After Sio held her beer, she climbed the armoir and jumped me, when I walked in the door. Last I heard from her, she said, "Please turn the dog off."

She'll be recharged and all chipper in another hour or two, then wanna run around outside in the cold, naked, and say something like, "Look, I'm the Blue Moon!"

That's my guess anyway. I have my camera handy.

I have? Oh no!

Guess I'll have to drink up what I have in the fridge tonight!

I never make them cuz I never keep them. I always TRY to work out more and make healthier choices. That said, I usually fail miserably. A new year always brings hope for a better one and I hope next one is. For all of us ;-)

(well done, insom...somehow that song came to mind when I saw this post)

My resolutions are to get posted more on the blog, become very rich, meet Dave and Judi, see Miami, and pinch Sharkie on the rear end. I would also like to meet some more blog members. I also resolve to keep doing the same stuff I've always done only do it more and better.

Thank [insert favorite deity here] that one's over!

May everyone's 2010 be better than their 2009.

Y'all stay safe out there, he'ah?

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