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December 24, 2009


...Santa might give you a treat.



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Will bet that Lucy has that chewed to shreds in no time.

Give her lots of castor oil to get that stuff down, and through. (What was left of the tree?)

YAY!! Dave will be picking up sparkly Lucy droppings soon!!

And while he's distracting you with the treat, the elves will drape tinsel garland around you and make you look like a dork tree.

Lucy in disguise with diamonds.

Good one, Annie.

Sheesh! I wonder what they'll do to me if I'm bad....


*snork* @ Annie!!!

rut roh...Lucy broked the blog!!! mommmmmmmmmmmm!!

Bad dog!

I knew one of your personalities would come to no good some day Meanie.

Awwwwwwwwwww... so cute.

Did Sophie dress her up?

deck the paws
with barks of lucy
falalalala lalalala
tonight she'll dream of
meat that's juicy
falalalala lalalala
lawns we know are full of squirrels
falala lalala lalala!
keep xmas safe, boys and girls!
falalala lala lala!

When the Dogs rise up to kill us all, Lucy will lead the way.

Pretty puppy!

Poor doggy has to wait for his treats

a winner insom!
and to all, a good nite!

First the cone around the neck now this. Poor Lucy. *wonders if Walter got decorated*

Aww, who could resist that face?

I'll be missing my hound tomorrow morning. The Sister has explicit instructiions to give him wrapped presents, he loves tearing them open.

Under the wooftop
Sparkly paws
Lucy waits for Santa Claus
Here's hoping Christmas is full of joy
For the Blog, and the bloggals & boys!

Merry snorks @ insom and ducky

It's getting late in the day on Christmas eve. Probably time to wish all here at the Blog a Merry Christmas, or other holiday of your particular persuasion.

And the Border collies here at Shasta Manor wish all the other dogs out there lots of good toys and snacks. (And sheep and cattle to march around if they are of the herding fraternity.)

Here at the crossgirl/CJ ranch, we have learned that no present that may, in any way, contain a food item may be left in reach.

Apparently, weiner dogs have a special affinity for chocolate, then nearly die, then do it again the next day. A note to friends and family, please never send us wrapped gifts with chocolate in them. In the first place, they won't stay wrapped long. In the second place, cleaning up literal Hershey Squirts, flecked with red and green M&Ms, is a Christmas Spirit downer and interferes wth the nog consumption.

pogo, my Border collie is getting a nice, big, new bone for Christmas. (Shhh, don't tell!) He eschews (har!) chew toys.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

*SNORKS* all around, and merry Christmas! And Dave, for heaven's sake, please make Lucy stop reading "Twilight." Sparkly vampires are bad enough without bringing sparkly dogs into the mix.

I lost my little Scottie this year--he was 14. He is now celebrating Christmas by chasing heavenly rabbits and knocking over the baby Jesus' diaper pail.

I've heard that border collies are very smart and in tune with their owners. Any good border collie stories out there?

If you're not careful, I might just chime in with some German Shepherd stories :)

Not a Border Collie or a Shepard...just an Ol' black Lab. Sweetest, strongest, friendliest and most protective dog ever. He's at fifteen now and quivers when he's up too long. He's mostly blind and deaf. He's my dad's dog, but I love on him every day. He smells me each day when I come near (I live up the street, he knows when I'm coming around the hedge)...way before he can see me. I love that poke of the nose and the nip nip that he's excited that I'm there. He hurts and it breaks our hearts. We know what the right thing to do is. I can lay with him in the yard and he hugs...and shivers.

I took him a bowl of warm beef stew to him today. He ate everything except the peas. Wouldn't touch them. Good Boy!

Merry Christmas

If this works out like it did with our cat, Jasmine, you will be soon be seeing "ornaments" on a string, chasing a VERY confused dog.

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