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December 23, 2009


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – An armed suspect dressed as Santa Claus robbed a local bank Tuesday morning and told tellers he was doing so to "pay his elves."

(Thanks to nursecindy, Jeff Meyerson and Allen at Division)


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Anyone recognizing the suspect is urged to call Crime Stoppers.
I can imagine the phone line being jammed with a bunch of kids who've been on a perpetual Naughty List, waiting for years to get even. "Duh ... that's SANTA."
Operator: "Thank you for your input, Sir, we'll be in touch."

I like the sunglasses. Nice touch.

This is why I never give money to Nashville sidewalk Santas. They'll just blow it on handguns and liquor.

Pity about the name of the bank that was held up. Sun Trust However, I do hope that the Brotherhood of Santas catches up with this rogue.

bwaaaahaaaaa, good one. those whacky santas!

I hear those elves can get pretty nasty when they're not paid.

Also, *does abbreviated Happy Dance for getting posted* and with two such charming gentlemen! (I've got to quit taking the pain medicine)

Police fired in an attempt to sleigh Santa, but since he left the deers running, he made a sprightly getaway.

nursecindy, if you can do a Happy Dance, don't stop taking meds ...

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