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December 22, 2009


Save your receipts.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Siouxie)


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Can you say "PMS"?

*ducks again*

Now THAT'S retail therapy!

*SMACKS* Jeff.

She should claim she smashed up the counter after one of the perfume demonstrators spritzed on her against her will.

No jury in the WORLD would convict her.

Store owners were left scentsless.

She needs aromatherapy.

Something stinks about this story. Or maybe not.

Good one, Meanie.

Anyone who has tried to negotiate the first floor at Macy's would give her a hand, not handcuffs.

Of course, they have to catch ehr first... .

bed,bath, and beeyotch?

insomniac I'm shocked! You're usually so scent- sative.

I got yer friggin' receipt right HERE!!!

*SMACKS Jeff* (PMS this!)

*ducks under desk to avoid Siouxie's gaze*

who's he callin' Ho's???

If a man can smell a woman's perfume, she's wearing too much.
When a new Dillard's (yes) store opened in a local mall, they were spraying everyone who walked through the door. It smelled like what one would imagine a bordello would smell like.
That spell passed quickly, thank goodness. Too many threats, I believe.
I say "Bravo" to anyone who destroys a perfume counter. Not guilty, I say!

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