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December 24, 2009


Police: Best man pulls gun, robs DJ at Houston wedding reception

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Excellent choice. Wouldn't want a best man who simply steals the beer from the fridge.

"The best man's name? uhhh....Johnny Smith! Yeah, that's right. Or wait, is it John Doe?"

I suspect, squirrels, racoon droppings, or possibly alcohol was involved.

Terence, I've known you since Tuesday, and in all that time, you have been like a small foward to me. Thinking back on the many passes we've made to each other, the perfect pick and rolls we set, the times you boxed out the other guys so I could grab a rebound, Terence, it brings a tear to my eye. I have never known anyone who could clear the lane and then double-pump fake and set me up for an open shot like you can, man.

So, I am honored to be your best man, and I want to wish you and your lovely bride, Nadia, a long and happy life together. And I especially want you both to fondly remember this very special day, so, let's all raise a glass as I say to you both: If that friggin' DJ don't quit with the lame hokey-pokey and Celebrate and Chicken-sh!t Dance BS, I am gonna whup his @ss!

Gimme that decanter, and "Mazel tov", brother!

He looks a bit like Casmir Krupnik.

FUNNY J Smith !

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