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December 31, 2009


Be careful out there! And if it's snowing where you are (or even if it's not), remember to do your part in the preparation of Magic Salt.

(Thanks to Allen at Divsion)


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I prefer the "magic salt" that goes around the rim of my Margarita glass....

Happy New Year!!!!

I will do my best to contribute to this worthy cause.

*Waiting for padraig to say they've been doing this for years in Wisconsin dontchaknow.* Happy New Year everyone! Stay safe.

Happy New Jeer Yudi. And to His Blogness and all the fellow Bloglets Happy New Year to you. Thanks for all the groaners, moaners, stoners and boners (NTTAWWT Walter).

Nope cindy, we don't do the vodka salt thing up here because we drink only brandy. And beer. And whiskey. Well, sometimes vodka. If we're out of schnapps.

But that whole story was a scam to explain how they wound up with tons of salt stacked up. The embarrassing truth is that all that salt accumulated when Siouxie gave up margaritas for a week.

salt. vodka. did someone say salty dogs?!?!?!

A few years ago, my wife sent me to Write Aid drug store to get some rubbing alcohol and a few other items. I noticed that half the rubbing alcohol bottles said that they contained ethanol rather than methanol. This was in a "dry" county if those of you in civilized areas know the concept.
In another dry county, I found a bottle of Mexican booze out on the shelf in plain sight. They were selling it because no one in law enforcement could read the label. For some reason, it had a caricature of a cow on the front panel.
Anyway, Happy New Year!

I have my vodka magic salt in the freezer. I'm ready!

Best wishes for the new year and always. Thanks for being salt and light in a dark and bland world.

And Naperville Squirrels rule. Thank you.

Happy to report my intestines are ICE FREE! *hic*

Good for you Punkin!

You wouldn't want anything skidding out of control down there, after all.

Happy New Year, judi, from the Left Coast Land 'o Fun.

But some ice may survive and thus be resistent. AKA ice nine from Vonnegut's "Cats Cradle". We're doomed.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all.

Question of the day: If a woman looked anything like the female equivalent of Luke Wilson would she have as successful a career?

Discuss among yourselves.

We need a tanker of orange juice on the road, stat!

HYN to judi & y'all ...

Quiet eventuation last nite ... fell asleep on the couch about 8:30 (MT) and woke up enuf to check the clock @ about 11:47, 1:30-ish a.m. and 4:37 ... when I finally went to bed ... only had one glass of "grape juice" @ dinner, so that wuzn't the cause ... must've been the actualizationalismness of manual labor on the wage-type job situation ... slept in to 10 a.m. ... takin' a road trip tomorrow for shoppageization for the canine branch of our gang, and clearance prices on next year's Christmas cards ...

That's whut old folks do on weekends like this ...

You are as young as you feel O the U. Sounds like my New Years Eve though. I did see Dick Clark on TV. He is really an icon and a very courageous fellow. He had an extremely debilitating stroke but has come a long way.
*bangs pots and pans for bloggers with hangovers this morning while handing them all a greasy pork chop*

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