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December 23, 2009


They got it again.

One of these years they'll figure out that they need to make that thing out of concrete.

(Thanks to Lairbo and Dr. Doug)


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key question: Would you rather have a discoloured straw creature with detracted grand stature or no straw billy at all? That seems like a no brainer to me. Sweden: land of pyrotechnic maniacs.

Dave had that entry already written, I'll bet, just waiting to press the "post" button.

YAY for them!! WTFGOATBBQ!!!

Now all is good with the world...

I love the smell of burning bocken in the morning... smell like... Christmas...

make that "smells" like Christmas...

Darn, I was sure it was safe this year. I have it on good authority that he was on the case.

I guess we can Gavle that to a close.

i like yuletide arsonists as a band name...

Gotta love the goatcam for the after-shots.

Dammit. I turned my attention away from the webcam for one lousy minute, and...

Bocken, bocken Burning bright
In the winter Swedish night...

Anyone? Bueller? Insom?

It wouldn't be Christmas without a burnt goat.

If they used a small goat instead of the giant one it wouldn't be as attractive to pyros.

Just kidding.

Oh,... that's WTFBBQ.

They also have several web cameras used to guard the goat. This year their approach was to set the cameras out of order by DDOS attack. By doing this the cameras couldn't update the picture for about 15 minutes (normally 3-4 seconds) letting the goat burners act without being discovered.
Finally I say, somebody did it with a modern touch.

What they need is a frozen coyote to keep watch.

I received one last, pathetic twitter message from our Beloved Goat about 3 am this morning. He shall be missed.

The text from two days ago was priceless: "See all that snow on my back? That THAT, arsonists!"

Apparently, they did.

p.s. And they "kneecapped" his little brother goat about a week ago, and left him, broken, down by the river.

"Smithers? Release the hounds."

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