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December 22, 2009


(Thanks to Onterrible)


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This morning, I arrived at the train station before the crews removed the snow. As the first person in the parking row, a lot of folks who cannot see the lines base their parking blindly on where I leave the most disreputable car in the whole lot.

I was very pleased when I saw the Mercedes, BMW and Lexus that park near my car follow my lead. When I pointed out what I had done, a female cocommuter said "Oh, I just park anywhere in the snow."

Well, duh indeed.

*ducks the wrath of Siouxie*

It takes a little practice, is all....

This is because as kids we play 'Barbie picks out a wedding dress' while the boys play 'front loader parallel parks after demolishing bridal salon'.

Now wait a minute. I am very good at parking a car. Yet, last week while finishing up some Christmas shopping I was backing out of a parking place and noticed this male parker going about 15 miles an hour in reverse. Why? He was going the wrong way down the row and decided to just back into the space. Also I remember our Blog talking about riding the heels of shoppers in the mall during Christmas and how he tried to park. I rest my case. Women look at it as a parking spot. Men look at it as a conquest.

diggity diggity diggity duh

You might want to try this next time.

cindy, I will say that guys are much more likely to back into spots so they can pull straight out when they leave the lot, which is a more dangerous maneuver.

There are lines?

FYI you'll find that phone company employees very often back into parking spots. Ma Bell once discovered it was much safer when you pulled out again and decreed that company vehicles would be parked in that manner.

however, teh womenfolk GET to where we are going because we axe for directions. so you dudes can park all you like, but then you dont know how to get to the next wherever....

Peter Parkers.

So true queensbee. btw ladies, notice the male bloggers remarked on my comment about the guy backing into the parking spot but failed to notice that I also said he was going in reverse in the wrong direction down the parking lot aisle?

Is "spatial awareness" why women leave their shopping carts blocking supermarket aisles instead of "parking" them on one side? How difficult is it to steer a shopping cart?

Did anyone else notice that "family saloon" would be a good name for a rock venue?

Perhaps part of the problem, according to the article, is that they were asked to park a "Family Saloon."

Been Christmas shopping today Ralph?

Queensbee, the reason most men don't ask for directions is that they know that men lie when giving directions to other men. The same man who would give correct directions to a woman, would assume that a man asking for directions was a complete dufus and deserved to be shown up for the fool that he is--especially in front of his woman. It's a competition.

In addition, My Uncle once told me, he sent several trucks down the wrong road in France during WWII, simply because they stopped and asked him instead of following their instructions--he thought they were stupid to do that. He may have saved their lives. It was during the Battle of the Bulge.

OK, I'll say it. Women can't measure distance because they've been told all their lives that 4 inches is 6.
I watched a car hit the car behind it while being parked. Then it happened again. Then it became a spectator sport as other diners came to the window to watch.
The car behind was finally hit four times before the GUY driving got out to come into the restaurant.
Personally, I can park very well. I just choose not to.

Actually Steve we're told all our lives that this ____ is 6 inches and something about the motion of the ocean. I've never understood it.

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