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December 23, 2009


Teens pulled taffy caper

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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They sure stretched that investigation a long way.

If there is a possibility you're going to do time at least steal some Reeses Cups to make it worth your time.

I haven't had my taffy caper pulled for the longest time.

They got themselves into a sticky situation.

For some reason the headline reminded me of the old joke where the priest announced that there would be a, "Peter pulling party at St. Taffy's."

He's probably in for a long stretch if he's convicted.

Who's Taffy Caper?

right here!

Dang Fuitas, next thing you know they'll be pulling for equal rights.

I once smuggled two bushels of fresh peaches out of Fruita (Hey, the statute of limitations only goes back for so long, right?)

I hope this kid's cell mate doesn't think he's sweet....

Eat the wrappers ! Bolus tells no tales.

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