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December 23, 2009


A man uses scrap metal to create artwork. Thieves steal the artwork and police believe it is sold as scrap metal.

(Thanks to Kris Kudenholdt)


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Artist Dude: So sorry for your loss. There are naughty people in the world. Some of them are under the influence and can't think of anything but getting $$ for their next fix or whatever. Don't stop making your art because of them.

"The Circle of Life..."

Damnit, Hammie!! I was JUST gonna say that!!


I bet the neighbors did it! There are a few cement bunnies nearby that I'd love to steal and recycle.

"The couple was flummoxed..."

*wonders if their urination improved*

Artwork will set you free!

The thieves were into Heavy Metal.

These metal thieves are now ahht thieves. It's a higher class of yegg.

This is how the Renaissance worked.

My sister-in-law is a contemporary artist. I've seen her work. I think the hardest part of her job is keeping a straight face until the check clears.

oh the drama! the irony! get meryl streep.

One man's art is another man's felony.

We have a group of guys here that haul stuff off to the scrap yards and dump every week! And then they expect money for doing it! We call them the garbage men. Maybe it was just a sad mistake.

It wasn't theft. It was extreme art appreciation.

Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. Scrap to scrap.

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