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December 30, 2009


Apparently this is how it's done in Tennessee.

(Thanks to Lord Greg and Jeff Meyerson)


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Wal-Mart should consider adding giant beers to their snack areas. Imagine the fun!

Excellent use of witness knifeage. Hmm--I'm going to Chattanooga in a couple of weeks... *revises packing list*

Has it come to this?

Now we can't even walk into a Walmart, load products into our carts, and just walk out of the store?

Now they want us to actually pay for the items?

Sheesh, what has happened to society?

What has happened to our freedoms?

At least it would be good for something then, ubetcha!

Those cold wet winters in TN can drive people to shoplifting..

No job is safe..

Brian: is that Ubetcha like "ya you betcha"? MN origin?

Just another day at Walmart.

"Wal-Mart loss prevention personnel"??

I thought that was called "Store security"

I love stories like this. "Cops" and "To Catch a Predator" are also favorites. My family doesn't understand my tastes but I tell them that "watching stupid" is great entertainment.

We also saw one (a Wal-Mart story) from Florida this morning.

Seems a greeter asked a guy who had bought something (it was a small bag) to show his receipt when leaving the store and the guy took exception and belted the 69 year old man.

Unfortunately for him, said man was a former Marine in good shape who got in a couple of good ones before they arrested the jerk.

Incidentally, he had his receipt.




I know, I broke it.

Judi!!!!! Jeff broke the blog! Steve I like those shows also. I've come to the conclusion that if you are a predator and go to a girl's house and she says she's doing laundry but has made you cookies, to run! Otherwise you're going to be on TV.

I haven't watched "Cops" in years but it's definitely one of my favorites too.

My town has the "distinction" (?) of having one of the nation's most dangerous Wal-Mart stores. Last year, only 32 people were robbed there...while they were shopping!

Please tell me again why I continue to live here?

It's all about timing, folks. You just wait around for a few minutes for someone to try something like this, then you push your cart out, laden with beer and pretzels, waving yesterday's recept.

Steve, Cindy, you need to watch this show on TruTV (times vary, check TV Guide) -- not only do you get the stupidest criminals and partiers imaginable, but after the panel of experts finishes commenting on them they look even stupider (if that's possible) ...

Steve, So they have Tonya Harding commenting on stupidest criminals? Isn't that an oxymoron or something?

I like that show too, Steve. Although I often wonder what the heck Gary Busey is on. He never makes any sense on that show.

I like to climb in a cart and have my pet alligator push me out the door. No one ever stops us.

I believe Gary is the philosophical voice of reason on the panel, the one who the others (and we the viewers) turn to for guidance. Or maybe he took one too many blows to the head in all those movies, it's hard to tell. Personally I like Judy Gold and Brad Loekle because they don't suffer fools gladly, and let's face it, most of the schlubs they catch on camera don't really deserve a lot of sympathy... The funny thing is how often you'll see some perp screw up on TruTV's other shows like Most Daring and Most Shocking and then a couple weeks later they patch in their panel of experts and show the same footage on Smoking Gun. It's kinda like watching a crappy movie late at night and then seeing the same flick with Bot voiceovers on MST3K...!

Wait a minute. That WORLD's DUMBEST is a real show?

Really? WTFBBQ???

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Jersey Shore, speaking of dumbest.

Steve H - you need to get out more.


Sorry Jeff, I'd really like to reply but I'm right in the middle of playing back the last couple episodes of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians"...! That Scott, he's such a douchebag...

i've been to that walmarts!!

Yeah, those Smoking Gun shows are pretty good. I believe the "experts" they have on are supposed to be the top of the line stupid who are still able to take themselves with a grain of salt. They come off better for this.
If you want to see prime stupid, plant yourself in the gallery at an arraignment session of whatever the misdemeanor court is in your state.
You would think that if you are charged with a minor crime, you would not appear in court wearing a naughty tee-shirt.
You would be wrong.

This one is too easy.

I dreamed I saw Joe Hill (outside Wal-Mart) last night,
leaving with a computer and a flat-screen TV.
Says I "But Joe, you've got no receipt"
get the #@&% out of my way, said he.
Get the #@&% out of my way, said he.


Wasn't this whole story a country song?

And how the heck do you carry $2000 worth of anything out of Walmart? That's equivalent to about 350 pounds of SlimJims, or 900 bags of pork rinds.

The are all liars . . .

with a sound of cheap tricks.

for the stuff that they stole,

they could now face . . .

Well that didn't work as planned.

The HILLLLLS are all liars,
with a sound of cheap triiiiicks.

For the stuff that they stole,

they could now face YEARRRRRRRS!

Danny Bonna Bonaduch Partridge is the best.

Wait, I got it...Danny Bonadouchebag.

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