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December 28, 2009


Blogging from me will be highly sporadic this week, as I am on a ski vacation in a state with the same average daytime high temperature as Pluto. Here is a CrapCam action photo of me hitting the slopes:

Notice that I have chosen to hit a slope with an inclination of zero degrees. This is how we older veteran skiers avoid being attacked by gravity, of which there is a large quantity out here.


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You look like a Floridian trying to ski. (nttawwt)

I know howe you feel, on the "bunny slopes" with the 5 year olds whizzing by.

Just make sure the slopes don't hit you back, Dave.

At our advanced age we don't want any broken hip action, IYKWIM.

Other than that, have fun.

Key thought:

Keep the pointy end forward.

The rest will follow. Enjoy the hot toddy.

Have fun, Dave.

Would your advanced age make you a "Ski-zer"???

*snork* ski-zer..... Why do you keep skiing in these areas laden with so much gravity?

Is that a racing helmet Dave?
I smell trouble.

The avalanche danger on that slope is obvious. Get off NOW and go for a hot drink.

The slope of the hill on which I took my one and only ski lesson was just about equal to that widow maker that Dave is on.

Break a leg!

Looking good, Dave!!

Another hint: Watch out for incoming trees!

The Dave "GO FAST" Dave.

*googles Elk Camp Gondola*

HEY! It IS near Pluto!

Wow! You must have an amazing camera to have captured that fast-motion image without even a hint of blur.

And remember, the left ski goes on the left foot.

Too bad skiing on the moon is out of your price range.

don't fall....casts suck

As I recall, in algebra class we used to call that a "nope slope".

I have always tried to convince my friends and family that the bunny slope is the most dangerous place to be because, if you fall a)You are falling onto a hard flat surface rather than onto an incline that is sloped in the direction you are falling b)Your bindings don't release from a gentle fall and a broken leg ensues from all the torque and c)It is much harder to get back up to a standing position from a flat surface with skis, boots and all that excessive clothing on.

Just don't run into any trees or other people and be aware of the biggest danger of all, someone running into you. That's my theory anyway. Enjoy!

Dave - my driveway has more incline...and more snow, too.

This is why I do not ski in my driveway.

I prefer to wait until April, when I ski here.


Ahh, Tuckerman, We hiked that a few years ago while my B-I-L skiied it. Dave, please be safe, drink lots of hot buttered rum without the butter and enjoy that clean mountain air. Blog at night.

A skiing trip sounds like a good idea for this week. I can do it in the front yard because I got this cool fake-snow* stuff for Christmas, which is perfect because I only know how to fake ski.

*The little bag contains a substance that looks a LOT like cocaine. All you do is add a teaspoon of water and it's supposed to create an amount of snow that is 100x the cocaine powdery substance. This could be trouble.

JOG - I ski the low parts, then climb up high on the Bowl with my picnic & camera and watch idiots folks hurt themselves. Great fun!

Dave - we don't want to see you on Americas' Stupidest Home Videos - OR - I Survived!!!

Better to be in a place with the same average temperature as Pluto than to be in a place with the same average temperature as Uranis!

Beware of it being too sonny around one tree...

(just thought i'd cher)

The slope on the barstools is the most treacherous.

I'm sure you'll be able to get a good wi-fi connection for posting from the hospital!

cant you go sit in the comfy chair with a hot toddy???

I'm with mtb. What an amazing camera to show such fast action without any blurring! It's almost as if you're not moving at all. I will say you look well padded.

Welcome back to Wolorado, Dave. Enjoy the gravity in moderation.

Is that Mrs. Blog and your Blogling in the reflection of your visor? I wouldn't have noticed except that when you click the image, you get a really huge version of it and can see a lot of detail.

What amazes me the most, no one has commented on the Blue Ski Jacket he is wearing.

The rented ski pole says "Snowmass".

And Dave, there's (not theirs) a spider on your leg . . .

Ski North Dakota !

Is that Mrs. Blog and your Blogling in the reflection of your visor? I wouldn't have noticed except that when you click the image, you get a really huge version of it and can see a lot of detail.

worthy of chloe, schadeboy!

@Shark Tooth John: You are talking about the skis right?

Note the styling blue jacket, over the (I'm sure) styling blue shirt!

Dave will move a bit faster when he discovers the spider on his pants leg.

Good going Dave, glad to see you are still up and at 'em.

Cris Mar

Hey peeps...I think Dave is all frozed up. Hasn't moved all day.

You need that downhill resort in Iowa.

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