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November 28, 2009


Robotic hamsters.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)

Update: They're fighting over these things in Indiana (The Ball-Tapping State). 

(Thanks to Catherine)


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Cultural reference of the week:

That was "before I knew that the hamsters would soon be off the shelves and more scarce than an H1N1 vaccine," said Fowlkes, 32.

Good one, lady. I learned that a long time ago with books: when you see something you think you want, do not wait, BUY IT NOW!

Richard Gere bought 'em all up to give as stocking stuffers.

The rodent to riches.

God Bless You Merry Gerbilmen

RG bought them up for what kind of stuffers?

Just be thankful they aren't robotic squirrels.... um... no! ... NNOOOOOO!!!!

Hide the robotic hamster?

Batteries not excreted.

I heard that Tickle Me Elmo is very jealous.

Sorry, Tash. You know how anything robotic (and cuter than we are) sets off squirrels. Even ones living in Chicago whose fur is really a sweatsuit.

Robotic hamsters have been a Christmas tradition in my family for years.

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