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November 30, 2009


Manure Pervert

(Thanks to catmanmax)

Update: A.k.a. Serial Slurry Fetish Man

(Thanks to Coconuts)


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Manure pervert = tramp revenuer

Just sayin'.

Not that there's anything wro...sorry, yes there is.

Solitary confinement is assured.

Slurry with a freak on top.

Sh*t happens...in sh*t.

Why that dirty, rotten mucker.

"being found 'at it'" . . . The British are so polite.

There's a law about this behavior?

As if they would keep manure in the milking parlour.
They wouldn't have been "terrified", if they were properly armed...but slaves aren't allowed to keep and bear firearms.

found his way into a milking parlour before stripping down to his pants and climbing into a huge vat of manure

Milking parlour. Heh, heh, heh, heh. He said milking. Just be glad he didn't take to the machine. The milk would be extra creamy in the morning.

Go with what you're good at.

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