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November 18, 2009


(Thanks to Miami Herald editor Heidi Carr)


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Douchiness has it's rewards.

Lincoln, Nebraska? It didn't seem all that weird the last time I was there in 1984.

I think we pretty much blogged each of those stories, isn't that strange? OOPS!!

Me too, Judi. I'm kvelling!

Still, I can't believe Wisconsin was only #6 what with all the stories we've been getting lately.

I demand a recount!

(the doors)

people seem strange
who live in a strange state
though there are some normal people
where weirdness abounds
are criminals evil when they seem
so retarded?
(but politicians are crooked
wherever they're found)

if you're strange
you leave dead sharks on a train!
if you're strange
you call 911 to complain!
if you're strange...

"the three strangest cities in the US over the past year were New York City, New York; Lincoln, Nebraska; and Madison, Wisconsin respectively."

Well, I know I was out there doing MY part.

*snork* @ insom!

Lincoln, NE?

Chicago is incredibly wierd (notes a Naperville Squirrel) but we don't go tattling on the web as much as (snort) other places. Granted, Florida is probably the winner, but we have our share of naked dude ranches, big snakes and odd robberies. And plenty is wierd here outside of politics, too.

And btw? Lincoln, Neb, weirder than Madison? ExCUSE me?

Of course, nothing ever happens there, so whenever it does, it SEEMS really weird. Whereas in Madison, if a guy in a zombie turnip suit runs for mayor, people actually ask him about his platform.

We try to live by Hunter S. Thompson's adage, "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."

Was there ever any doubt?

What I find weird is that they didn't know how to spell Cincinnati.
Or maybe not.

I noticed that one of the "strange stories" coming out of Florida was "Florida lotto winner seeks to open nude dude ranch."

Where does one obtain an application to work as one of the nude dudes?

You mail a picture to me Scott. Then I will send it to Siouxie,Judi,Diva,and Annie.

New hampshire is the second strangest? WTFBBQ?

Who, me?

Kentucky was least strange(st). Hmmmmmmm....


South Carolina is over here feeling very neglected, what with our governor heading for a hike & winding up on the wrong continent, our congressman telling the prez "pants-on-fire" in front of the whole country, and beauty queens who can't articulate the thought that our schools aren't what they used to be...

Oh well. Our likely next gov was clocked at over 100mph on the freeway just a few weeks before he crashed his airplane, and a local talk show host just announced his run for congress, and a significant majority of voters in our state hope our first lady runs for something soon. We'll surely make the list next year.

Oh Avid, so naive. That kind of stuff might get you a shot at a council seat in one of them panhandle counties in FLA. Here we have mayors who take exception to a critique in a letter-to-the-editor and deal with it personally -- by knocking on the front door of the voter at 10:00pm. He was greeted by the 80 yr. old woman with a 9mm pistol loaded with hollow-point ammunition. Democracy in action - and almost in a pool of blood.

Holding up our reputation.

And if Florida or NYC get to be too much for you, there's always here.

I'm from Boring, MD

True Confessions time for just a moment

One of the reasons that I monitor the links on this web site is because it is one of the greater sources for news stories that appear across newspapers. I have the same excuse for reading the NY Post.

Since there are clusters of people who are fans (nuts in the case of Naperville) in the geographic zones noted in the survey and news editors are using this blog to find filler stories, we are creating a self-greasing axle.

How did DC not make that list?

Well, at least we came in third! I guess we can thank Caribou Barbie for that.

Des Moines...go figure

As a Floridian-American, I say Yay for Florida! We're Number 1!!

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