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November 25, 2009


I made it back to Miami. That's the good news. The bad news is that I am now in Miami, where the Thanksgiving bird is not so much a turkey as it is a hand gesture Miami drivers make to one another in the genuinely insane traffic that develops here right before major holidays.

Also Mrs. Blog informs me that a crocodile was captured in a neighbor's swimming pool. The neighborhood association email alert says that  "the 4-foot reptile has been tagged and relocated to a crocodile-designated area in the county." That's right: Our county has a crocodile-designated area. The email alert doesn't say where it is. Far away, I hope. I'm also wondering: Do we have a separate area designated for alligators? Snakes? Lawyers who advertise on TV? Kardashians?

In any event. I'm thankful to be home and not driving any more. I hope you're home; or with loved ones; or at least with ones you don't hate; or, at bare minimum, beer. Wherever you are, I hope you have a good Thanksgiving.


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Happy Thanksgiving Day! Glad you got home safe, sealed in you one quart plastic bag.

Happy Thanksgiving! FYI - Crocodile is very good grilled!

I going to have a maximum of beer and and get bare.

Enjoy, all!

You have to make the stuffing separately from the croc' or 'gator or you run the risk of doing the Florida Two Step.

Dave - Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. And congratulations for making it home safely. My family and I will be traveling tomorrow. Probably not a good idea, but we have five kids and with that many, almost everything sounds like a good idea until you actually do it.

I am beyond thankful that neither I nor any of my loved ones has to travel. We go to our friends' house 10 minutes away, so we don't even have to cook. We bring wine and beer.

Also I am thankful that we will have a crocodile-free Thanksgiving.

Dave, I'm thankful you're home. Just ask the gator to bring the dip and extra chairs, like a good bachelor, and he'll behave.

To all on the blog, thank you for making my day time and time again. Hope you have a safe and gator-free Thanksgiving, unless gator is your entree of chpice and you have a really good stuffing recipe that makes about 50 pounds.

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody and I am also thankful for the blog and all the laughs it gives me. You are all wonderful. I'm glad that you made it home safely Dave and I hope that anyone who is traveling makes it to their destination safely. Schadeboy you may want to do a head count at each stop. It would be a shame to leave a kid at a rest stop. Also women, especially the child's mother, get a little upset when you do that.

I am thankful for all on the blog who make me *snork* at least once a day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

That's awfully harsh, equating crocodiles with Kardashians and lawyers. The crocs might sue for defamation.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and may all life's little crocodiles remain in their officially designated areas.

Happy Turkey Day to Dave and the crazy bloggers! I'm a Gator fan, and I'm calling! I'm grateful that Dave made it through crazy security, and I'm thankful that I get to stay home and not deal with any of that nonsense. I'm thankful for the blog and the friends I've made from it, and I wish everyone the best crocodile-free Thanksgiving ever!

Aren't croccs, lawyers & Kardashians much the same thing, Dave?

I'm grateful I don't have to fly to Phoenix no offense to my family but can have a quiet Thanksgiving at home with my loved ones.

And all you crazy people.

Now get out of here, I mean it.

Jeff - Bueller?

A very Happy Thanksgiving to Dave & Judi (& Leonard Pitts, if he's reading over Judi's shoulder) & all the gang here. Many thanks for providing major snorkage all year long!

Off in search of a quiet corner to hide in til the family's gone....

Happy Thanksgiving to Dave and all who give us so much reading pleasure. And no texting while driving anyone! (Texting while drinking is not such a great idea either.)

Welcome to MyJammie, Dave! Again I wish all of you a very Happy Day of Thanks. Enjoy this day with your loved ones and with all the turkey you can stuff. Safe travels to those who are crazy brave enough to do so. I am thankful for my family, my friends and all of you. Thanks for the laughs!

I'd also like to take a moment to wish all the men and women in uniform a very Happy and SAFE Thanksgiving. Let us remember those who can't be with their families in order to protect our freedoms. God Bless you all!

I am home, with loved ones, and beer. I know, I know - I have to verify that by "loved ones" I'm not referring to the beer. Though there is some, and they are loved as well.

Tomorrow I get to sleep in, which naturally means I won't. Instead we are getting up at about the same time as I do every day instead this time it will be to go ice skating with all the kids. Then to one side of the county to visit family, all the way west to deliver the child to her home, and then all the way back to the other side of the county for dinner with the rest of the family.

Shut-ins and the anti-social will have a much more restful day.

Happy Thanksgiving and to all a good night (burp). Oh, excuse me, I got an early (burp) start.

I'm with beer. Life = good.

aww shucks dave, your holiday message just gave me a warm feeling all over... that and the picture of the lady with the big hooters over to the right.

Glad you're where you intended to be, Dave, even if it is extra insane.

On the immediate level, I am thankful for being spared a passage through the LaGuardia Airport/Traveller Diversion Complex this weekend, or becoming engulfed in the Black Friday Pre-Dawn Sale vortex.

On the everyday level, I am deeply grateful for a family and country to love, a home to tend, a job to pay for it all, and last but not remotely least, for the joy I am given daily by Dave, judi, the borderline psychotics creatively spirited contributors to this uniquely delightful refuge from the humdrum and the horrendous, and by those who allow me to participate here in the making and sharing of laughter and friendship.

We will get revenge!

Until then, enjoy your beer.

With so much to be thankful for I will have no problem smelling but not eating the wonderful food I will be near tomorrow. I hope all you wonderful people get to eat and visit to your heart's content.

Oh, and I *will* be wearing my kilt tomorrow. :-)

We will be expecting pictures, Scott ;-P

(um...judi wants them)

My main problem, Siouxie, is that with all the weight I've lost the kilt is a bit big-around for me. Actually, I guess that's everyone else's problem, eh? ;-)

Just as a matter of information for you Dave, Miami-Dade County, with the motto "The Rules are Different Here", actually does have an official crocodile-designated area within it's borders.

Now I don't know if most people are ready for this or not, but it's the cooling canals of Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant. To quote a phrase..."I swear I'm not making this up!" It seems that some years ago, crocs were discovered there and since then they just seem to love the place. They came in from the bay and found that the water was nice and warm for them, there are lots of fishies to eat since no one is allowed to fish there, and they have lots of room to bask in the sun, unmolested.

No word on whether the rumors of the 27 foot long one with the red glowing eyes is true or not.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and....

Scott, keep your arms crossed when you get those pictures taken. If the kilt falls down we'll just over look it. Judi, Siouxie, and I are doing a fake research project,want to see what you wear under your kilt study. It's all very scientific.

Scott, then you must get a new/slimmer kilt!

I don't know if this is relavant to anything, but when I was in Miami dades ago, it did seem different, that is I don't recall blue skies. Anyone know why, since blue skies mean different?

Happiest of this bird Holiday to all who give laughter without reservation {{most time}}

Especially to you Dave,

our blue salutes!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

(who invented croccs anyway)

I will, Siouxie, but not until I get closer to my goal size. nc, are you asking for pictures from the front or below? ;-)

Happy T-Day, my fine, weathered friends!

May your boxes of wine never go empty!

If you no longer here from me after tomorrow, you may all assume I finally snapped and pulled the pin on the family heirloom grenade!


Whoever said we will all be fine was crocking a big hoax,

That's why we have Jesus

Watching "The Great Escape" on PBS -- can you believe how much easier it was to travel back in the day? And no crocs, so far, although they wouldn't faze Steve McQueen...

Glad to hear you are back home with family, Dave, and remember the old song, "Am I in heaven, or am I in Miami...."

Is there Turkey on the geezette bus? Love to you all, don't exchange too many viruses.

I wonder if anyone will ever try to make croc Crocs. Very South Beach.

it's the cooling canals of Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant
Has to be the best terrorist deterrent system on Earth.

Happy Thanksgiving Dave,

Both views are fine Scott. As I said, it is very scientific. Happy Thanksgiving ya'll from N.C.!

We need a movie...instead of a dinosaur..we need a gigantic Godzilla Turkey, who is set lose in Miami and will run around the Miami area and eat lawyers, gators, bad Miami drivers, and some of those pythons for desert, all on Thanksgiving day, and the crowd will bring their beer and cheer.

Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to all of the bloggers, (snorters)here.

And being a swamp rat myself, raised in the very heart of the Everglades...you think you have trouble NOW, be thankful there are no warthogs finding their way into the city yet.

I'd go for a croc over a Wild Wart-hog anyday.

Happy Thanksgiving, all youse wacky and wonderful people who help keep me snorking through my day!

I'm Thanksgivinging in a beaver-designated area in Oregon. They're basically overgrown aquatic sqirrels with a penchant for gnawing down prized horticultural specimens, but I'm trying hard to concentrate on blessings nonetheless.

Better bark than flesh, I guess.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I sincerely hope that you can stay put for a while, even if it is in the Land of the Lunatics.

Meanie had an extra good point about LaGu@rdia, especially since they had a little "incident" (no one hurt, thankfully) yesterday.

The farthest I'm going today is to the fridge. And the TV. Oh yeah, down the hall to throw out the garbage.


Jeff - whatever you do with the garbage, don't go to the dump today.

Lawyers? Yeah, DC. They just keep escaping is the problem.

Happy Beer Day Croc Day Turkey Day to all! And remember, don't drink and SNORK. (It makes your beer go all over the place.)

We interrupt all the holiday luuv to say, "beaver-designated area?" UPCOMING SNORKS!

Back to holiday love, as my cat brings us plastic rings to play fetch with. Luuv U!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I'm sleeping on the floor of the family's living room. I may strike out for home within the next hour or so.

Enjoy your friends and family and/or your beer.

Not to interrupt the warm well-wishing, but do we actually have to be thankful for the Kardashians?

Since Guin has already shared Alice's with us, I'll just leave this here and wish everyone a Happy Beer Day.

Wishing you ll a happy bird-day, before I stick my hands up the butt of the frozen turkey sitting here next to me. Nope, no in-laws in sight, and I'm not in Congress. Just me and a Butterball.

*flings "a" up at my previous post*

happy turkey day, everybody!!

To all ye kilt lovers: Pay attention.

meanie, we could be thankful there aren't more of them...

"Lucy, I'm home!

A Happy Turkey day to the Barry Family. And all you wonderful blogits.

Travel Tip: If you're flying today and you show up at security with turkey, make sure it's no more than 3 oz and it's in a 1 qt plastic bag.

Remind me again how you know when the turkey is done?

I am hoping to stay awake until midnight to watch the Butterball drop in Times Square.

A lady was picking through the frozen turkeys at the grocery store, but couldn't find one big enough for her family. She asked the stock boy, "Do these turkeys get any bigger?"

The stock boy answered, "No, ma'am. They're dead."

Happy TD, everyone!

My turn:

The new bride was especially anxious to please her husband for their first Thanksgiving dinner. She selected the biggest turkey she could find and eagerly brought it home, then spent hours cooking it up to a golden brown. Hubby went at it until he couldn't eat another bite, then sat back in his chair with a big smile on his face and said "Honey, that was delicious. Tell me, what did you stuff it with?" Startled, she exclaimed "What do you mean? It wasn't hollow..."

i'm home from work now. did i miss anything?

whew, didn't miss charlie brown thanksgiving! yay!

Some people use Friday as a day to wait in line to shop -- and I admit, that's what I did to get a Wii a couple of years ago. In some places, waiting outside is an art form some years. Below zero wind chills are the norm.

This year, I'm hoping to catch the sun rising over a lake. A cup of coffee in my hand, a chance to read and write in a quiet gazebo. I might move indoors if there is too much of a chill.

For those who have the health to do so, celebrate the holiday of your choice by giving blood/platelets, toss and extra dollar or two into a bell ringer's pot, or give a pair of gloves or scarf to someone who needs something to go right.

Still looking for something to do? Ask a local school what book they want to purchase but can't afford with cutbacks. Tip a waitress an extra $5, give a young man who has more love than money a gift card so he can get a nice gift for a special person (reverse the roles as necessary). Get a gift card for a family facing a job loss.

Chances are that there is someone in your world who you know that could use a break. Maybe Thanksgiving weekend can extend some giving and thanks into your community.

I need to get something off my chest...

My name is Jeff and...I'm a stuffing addict.

/end confession

Lurking (you can run but you can't hide, bro') and I are both from Oregon, and the designated beaver zones are no joke. Those critters are the size of a standard piano keyboard and they can take down a stand of trees in a Come to think of it, I think one of the zones used to be near the defunct nuclear power plant. Glowing eyes? Is that wierd?

Lurking is also right about doing what you can to help folks this season. Let's put worthy charities in the black on Black Friday rather than retailers.

A croc swallowed my post. Or a giant beaver.

Lurking is right, and not just because he's from Oregon. Let's put worthy charities in the black on Black Friday.

Welcome back, Dave!

At least they relocated the crocodile.

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